deLisle Double-Nickel Box -- Road Test Report

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    I’ve been on a quest in recent years to find an amp with outstanding tones (IMO) at lower volume levels,, that was not overpowering in a living room and did not pose threats for back or hernia issues when lifting.

    Most of the amps I’ve owned in the last decade have really not met either of those criteria with the exception of a Carr Skylark.

    Recent discussions on guitar-focused websites created and awareness of and interests in deLisle amps. And that of course resulted in GAS for a deLisle. The GAS was further fueled by some very HIGH revues and ratings by Vintage Guitar, Premier Guitar etc. I also came across a Youtube video from 4 years ago featuring Jer deLisle, Tim Harmon, Tavo Vega & Tim’s friend Greg demoing Jer’s Double-Nickel Box.

    I was leaning towards a 5 watt amp but ended up choosing the Double-Nickel Box (10-12 watts) with the optional VarioDyne which allows lowering the output to about 1 watt.

    Per Jer deLisle, this amp is voiced for Gretsch guitars and I found that to be quite evident. It is well matched to my FilterTron AND Dynasonic equipped Gretsch guitars.

    The amp takes a bit of “getting used to” during first encounters. The tone controls have a very full range of tones so that slight changes in settings can make significant variations in tones. This becomes a VERY GOOD thing once one gets to know the amp and its tweakabilities. It also supports an excellent range of “clean through dirty” sounds. The VarioDyne is a big advantage in this regard. The tones in the YouTube Demo (link above) show how the amp lends itself to “jazz” – think Wes Montgomery. It covers the other extremes and pretty much everything in between equally well.


    My amp is equipped with the optional headphone jack, which is located on the read of the chassis to the right of the 6L6. There is a switch for it to the left of the 6L6. I personally like the sound and tones of this option – I use a very good quality headphone set (Sennheiser HD 380 Pro). Note that it is not the same sound as the speaker, which is normal.


    Finally, the build quality of this amp is extraordinary – certainly as good as any I’ve seen/owned including Standel, Carr and the other usual suspects.

    Jer offers a LOT of options and choices for his amps as you can see here:

    Summing up – During the last two weeks the Double-Nickel Box has quickly become my go-to amp, offering opportunities for some thinning of the herd…..!
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    Thanks for the review. I think if I ever get another amp, it could be a deLisle.
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