Danelectro CTO2 V2 Transparent OD


Friend of Fred
Jun 17, 2013
Sarnia Ontario Canada
First, I’m not a big pedal user which is only a personal choice. I don’t like a lot of fiddling around. I do however like working with transparent OD’s and about 5 or 6 years ago bought a used CTO2 because it was advertised as a Timmy clone and Paul Cochran had new ones back ordered for ages, close to 2 years. This is the one OD, so far, that really floats my boat. I like my cleans a little dirty and my dirty sound sort of clean.
Turned out the unit had a loud buzz when plugged into a Boss style transformer but no issues when used on battery.
Apparently Paul Cochran was able, through legal means, to have Danelectro stop manufacturing V1 of this pedal and the V2 stopped being manufactured some time ago so I was not able to buy a new replacement pedal or a Danelectro transformer which some users say stops the buzzing issue. (can’t say I buy into the transformer theory but…)
These pedals are quite inexpensive and as luck would have it the other day I found one, in Canada, the owner says is essentially NOS, maybe four hours use. Still in the original box with the transformer. Canadian price $50 Plus shipping from Alberta.
I‘m quite anxious to get this and should have it in a week. The dip switch arrangement in the V2 gives the unit some flexibility, although I think that was more to get around the legal dispute. Personally I prefer the unit with the four dip switches off.

I’m curious if anyone else has any experience with this pedal, V1 or V2 and if so do you like it as much as I do? When other guitarists see me with this pedal they often look at me like “really”? Until they hear it.
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