For Sale Custom Jet Parstcater - Rutters, TV Jones, Mahogany / Chestnut, Warmoth, more

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    One of a kind partscaster using premium parts.

    NOTE: I'd consider disassembling it and selling just parts, say, if you didn't want the neck, or bridge, etc. Shoot me a message if that's of interest and a appropriately reduced price if you don't want certain things. I actually have it listed on Reverb right now without the neck, but havent actually taken anything apart permanently.

    That said, it's a bad mamajama as it is for sure and a head turner.

    Parts include:
    • Body by Marc Rutters is Mahogany chambered body with reclaimed chestnut top using Gretsch Jet body template
    • Pickups are TV Jones Classic Plus in the bridge and TV Jones SuperTron in the neck (the best combo of TV jones there is IMHO)
    • Neck is Warmoth Fatback profile maple neck with pau ferro fretboard and Tusq XL nut
    • Tuners are Gotoh SD91 with Amber Buttons
    • Knobs are reproduction of vintage brown Harmony knobs
    • Bridge is a super cool custom from a top shelf luthier friend and is machined from a solid piece of aluminum and saddles are Gotoh In-Tune compensated slotted brass tele saddles
    • Strap buttons are vintage reproduction brown plastic buttons
    • Real Mahogany truss rod cover.
    • Case is a super sturdy hard side gig bag from Music Area

    The body was routed for a strat tremolo and I mucked up the placement of a Gotoh 2 post by a 1/16" to where it wouldn't sit correctly, so i opted to make it a hardtail....which has it's issues with the strat routing, so I found this perfect bridge that covers the whole route and I glued a small dowel in the trem cavity to hold one of the 3 mounting screws. You could elect to go back to the strat bridge with minimal work (fill a couple holes and knock out the dowel).

    This guitar sounds amazing and looks absolutely killer - very earthy look with the wood combo, brown and amber accents.

    It's in overall great shape, with a few nicks and scratches noticeable from minimal play and a little wear wear a pickguard might be, but not beat on at all. The top is weathered by nature, of course, so it's got all sorts of character.

    Open to offers or to parting things out a bit...message me.

    $900 shipped OBO in the CONUS
    $550 shipped OBO with the neck removed
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