Cool or not cool?


Sep 18, 2012
Bagsville, Oxford UK
You should not trust my judgment on whether stuff is cool or indeed whether you are crazy for believing something is cool. I am not qualified in this particular area. I know stuff though so maybe if you try another subject I could help. I’m pretty strong on ’what’s wrong with the World these days’.


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Oct 18, 2015
Looks really good but I would prefer a solution that is not stacked. Maybe you could cut the white one and craft asingle pickguard out of the two.


May 16, 2017
Near Detroit

Other than the thickness that may change picking habits, it looks alright.

A similar 'style' happens with Jaguars. Basically multiple pickguards fit together made of different materials.


There are even guitars out there with different thicknesses or steps on the top, this is a bass but I've seen six-string models done this way by various brands/builders. I think Reverend Guitars has one or two models with this kind of step in them.


And of course there are the Fender Custom Shop peek-a-boo Relics ... This one reminds me of movie theater 'good-n-plenty' candy so I couldn't own this particular one but they have others.
(the wear on this one looks a tad fake too -- doh!).



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Well, I like it. Something about the shadow-line above the pickup and neck area.....thicker, bolder....and I can see where it might affect playing, and maybe in a good way as you said. Maybe experiment, using black construction paper in the shape of the black pearl, and cut off an extra 1/8" around the top and bottom, just to see how that looks (thus showing off a bit more of the stock white/black/white)?
Otherwise, by itself, I think the black pearl looks too dark and disappears on that unique green. I also think that bare green on the horn would look strange without something there ( my opinion ), as it does with the black pearl only.
Key off the contour for the horn & swoop the blackguard, if you don’t mind drilling a new hole for the pickguard mtg hole nearest the fretboard.


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Mar 20, 2010
I like it, being different keeps life interesting. This makes it easy to identify in the crowd. Thanks for sharing it.