Comparing Different Versions of Walk Don't Run

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    The Ventures did pretty well out off jazz tunes. In the UK their next two singles were Perfidia and Lullaby Of The Leaves. I liked all three but then sort of lost interest, apart from No Trespassing and Ram Bunk Shush.
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    I have a old JFA deck at my moms house !!
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    This thread got me thinking...
    IMO, the last albums the Shadows did that were worth listening to were the ones they did with John Farrar in the '70s.
    Just wondering if any of the Aussies know what he's been up to since? I know he produced most of Olivia Newton John's stuff, but can't find any other info.
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  5. audept

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    As far as I knew he was living in LA doing songwriting and arranging. Great musician.
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    I liked Herb Alpert’s version. I don’t recall ever hearing that before. It was probably Tommy Tedesco on guitar; but I surmise that based upon the the fact that Tedesco was the first-call guitarist at the time and Herb Alpert was on top, so he could have afforded to hold our for the top guy.
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