Chinese Language Spammers


May 26, 2008
Hill Country, TX
We seem to be the target - yet again - of Chinese and South Korean language spammers. Let me answer some of the questions posed here.

1. We have MASSIVE amounts of spam blocks, protections and preventatives. These foreign language spammers have learned from the available blocking techniques how to get past them all.

2. They are not people individually posting they are spam bots - software that can join and post in 50 threads in seconds.

3. They are not hackers. They are not full of viruses and of all things they are simply selling fake diploma's to universities all over the world. And, confusingly doing it in Chinese and South Korean.

4. We've had them here before - they will move on. We will try to keep them out with even more anti-spam techniques. They do this at website around the globe.

5. Because they are in Asia, they tend to strike when when our Mods are least available. So, it can take a while before we can get to them.

6. For each one that gets through we block half a dozen others. But even one can fill the page with threads.

7. The ONLY thing - I repeat the ONLY thing to do is to hit the REPORT button in one of the threads. That's pretty much enough to take care of it.

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