Car wax to polish a guitar?

Discussion in 'Technical Side of Things' started by dlew919, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. stevo

    stevo Friend of Fred

    May 1, 2012
    Yea, you're right. The Lemon oil we're talking about gets it's name from who knows where.
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  2. Craig Encinitas

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    May 3, 2021
    Encinitas, Ca
    I would not recommend the compound and polish I used to turn this tattered BMW into a mirror.

    EB04778E-7408-4FBF-98C3-7BDD5234EA37.jpeg 54591018-5DDB-4905-BA5D-ED6997022BC1.jpeg DE3E7ADB-2BE4-4236-9924-6C68A7499980.jpeg

    Maybe on an inexpensive swirled up guitar, I’d give it a go. :cool:

    I moonlight as an auto detailer…with bad OCD. o_O

    *ok ok…I did use automotive metal polishing wad to shine up the hardware. F841D803-883C-467E-B95E-E1A7CD714611.jpeg
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  3. G5422T

    G5422T Country Gent

    May 24, 2012
    Being a "car nut," I have a garage full of various polishes and finish coat products.

    As long as any product is used correctly on a guitar, I really don't see a problem. Check for finish comparability and go at it.

    That said, I only use warm water on a microfiber towel to "clean" my guitars, followed by a good wipe down with a dry cloth.

    Works for me.
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  4. stevo

    stevo Friend of Fred

    May 1, 2012
    Any chance you used graphene or ceramic?
  5. Mr Miagi’s advice was not heeded.
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  6. MrWookiee

    MrWookiee Synchromatic

    Jun 17, 2020
    SoCal, USA
    He did "sand the floor" when he should have done "wax on, wax off".
  7. dlew919

    dlew919 Country Gent

    Jul 18, 2016
    Sydney, Australia
    It smells like lemon - sort of. But yes. It’s actually mineral oil with an Esther which smells like lemon.
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  8. I heard they need to draw the shades on the International Space Station when they pass overhead.
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  9. stevo

    stevo Friend of Fred

    May 1, 2012
    I saw it when I was in the international space station. Made me happy.
  10. Question in consequence…
    How many spacewalks does it take to hotwax the ISS exterior?

    Nobody ever tells you these things.
    And I am here to report Esther does indeed smell of lemons & patchouli.
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