Can someone decode World Cup soccer stats?


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"Remember, shootouts are not crapshoots."
Tired of that noise. Just because there is strategy, does not preclude "crapshoot."

Especially if the goalie is now prevented from moving off his line before the kick.
After spending 120 minutes plus in a hard fought game…

Which is after all only game until a Saudi team pays you $200M a year.

This is going to be fun in the semis.
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Nov 13, 2009
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Maybe another shoot out in the Argentina-Nederlands game?

Ha, you called it!

The ref lost the plot. A blatant non-penalty if I ever saw one making it 0-2, and Argentina should have 2 man less for the extended period including Messi.
That would surely have changed the outcome of the game. Not that the Netherlands deserved it based on their play but they were robbed. Some ugly scenes from both sides during and after the match. Apparently lots of money doesn’t buy class, who knew?


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Oct 17, 2009
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My teams, Canada (no way, hey?), Japan and England (I lived in London during the dismal 70s) are all out now so I can be impartial.

I think Portugal might have had a better chance if they didn't keep flopping about in the penalty area and actually tried to play the ball!


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Feb 13, 2012

Can someone decode World Cup soccer stats?​

Yes, indeed ! What for ? 😟

"Du pain et des jeux" disait Jules César.

"Bread and games" said Julius Caesar.

There's one point that I will never understand in Football (you call it soccer, right ?) : all those guys fighting against each other in total uglyness, just to take or keep this poor unfortunate ball, which is horribly kicked... Why don't we give a ball to each of them ? There wouldn't be any fight anymore ! Maybe it would be a first step against another game that I consider not very different, and even much older : the war. 🤔

But it's me, OK ? 😶‍🌫️



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Dec 26, 2009
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Pele is in my opinion the paradigm of gentleman sportsman and roll model. I am beside myself with the news reports of his health, even though at least conflicting. I got into football/soccer in the late 1970s because of Pele. I became a FIFA licensed referee in 1985 at age 18 because of Pele (not the norm for a kid in Detroit at the time). I take comfort with Pele highlights in times of trouble to this day. With such a legacy I am saddened how the Brazil team of today in my opinion can act akin to the showboaters in the NBA. I wish they would carry on Pele's leading example of what professional sports conduct means.
And now Pele is gone and I am sad, so very sad.

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