Buying Used Guitars from Guitar Center Online?

Discussion in 'Fred's Barcalounge' started by Flouswa, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. CKC411

    CKC411 Gretschie

    Jan 20, 2018
    Florida, USA
    Totally agree.
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  2. gretsch-to-go

    gretsch-to-go Gretschie

    Oct 2, 2019
    Palm Coast, FL
    From time to time I'll look at what GC has on the pre-owned wall. But I'd rather just deal with a CraigsList or Marketplace for a local pre-owned just the same. I think I've gotten to the point where I can evaluate & assess the pre-owned instrument without having to pay the extra commission & the low ball to the original seller on a sale of pre-owned guitar. What I tend to purchase for guitars are low risk buys anyway. I stay under $ 200 for new & even acoustic. And the electrics I stay sub $ 100 on those too. The last guitar I seriously considered was a short scale Ibanez Gio Mikro HH Strat. I probably should've grabbed that one, $ 130 for a rarely/never used guitar. GC is like a pawn shop for pre-owned, they have to wait thru a cooling off period, just in case the pre-owned item was stolen. So I might as well go to a pawn shop and see what they have on the racks & walls. even my more preferred local music store has to wait out on pre-owned gear for police reports to clear them.
  3. ldyore

    ldyore Electromatic

    Jan 22, 2014
    I have purchased numerous items (guitars, amps, recording equipment etc.) from Guitar Center’s used department and overall had very good luck. I have called the actual store to discuss the real observed condition of the item which did help, but the best thing I found was their extended warranty program. It is really pretty cheap, and it covers you for up to 3 years after purchase. Especially with regard to electronic items ( excepting acoustic only guitars as an example) you can always get an item with only intermittent issues. Guitar Center took it in and tested it and it seemed to work fine, so they put it up for sale. Upon purchase by someone else, the intermittent issue rears it’s ugly head. It can take well over a month or 2 before the issue shows up. Well, I’m here to tell you that the extended warranty paid off several times for me. You do wind up having to send the item into some remote repair shop ( at least in electronic issues) and be without the item for a couple weeks, ( however like most followers here, I already have several backup items in my possession to fill in until then) but they either fix the problem or refund your entire purchase price. I have had both situations happen to me. I am more than willing to give the Guitar Center rep a by as to checking out the item before taking it in on trade, since we can all agree that an intermittent electronic problem can easily get past you on a test run. It’s sad that many people will just sell or trade in an item they know has an issue without saying anything to the buyer ( including a large retailer). They know the new owner will experience that issue sooner or later, and they just count on it being later, after the sale. That selling of equipment with an issue could become an entire three by itself, but the point here is to cover your exposure to becoming a victim of the sale of problem equipment, at least through Guitar Center, is getting the extended warranty. Get that bargain equipment with a side of peace of mind.
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  4. Johnny ray

    Johnny ray Electromatic

    Jun 29, 2018
    Why do you say that? I've never had any problems with Sweetwater.
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  5. Dave Murray

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    Feb 27, 2016
    Indio, CA
    Oh, get real. I'll say no more.
  6. ldyore

    ldyore Electromatic

    Jan 22, 2014
    I’ll second the opinion that Sweetwater has always done me right. Too bad your experience was poor, Dave.
  7. amp360

    amp360 Synchromatic

    Oct 21, 2012
    Scan water is great until there’s an issue. I hope it never happens to their fanbois.
  8. rs-guitar

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    Feb 19, 2021
    Fort Worth, Texas
    I’ve had positive experiences - purchased a used Gibson LP double cut and used Gibson Johnny A that were advertised on guitar center website. Paid with CC and shipped to my local GC. I checked them out and both were/are great guitars - still have them. If they had had issues, I could have just returned on the spot - with full refund.
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  9. Emmett

    Emmett Gretschie

    Feb 25, 2013
    New York / Iowa
    Maybe a bit off topic but I was wondering whether anyone can answer this question about ordering a NEW guitar from GC or MF online: If you dont want it sent to your house, will they send a brand new in the box guitar that you order to a local store for pick up or will they simply instruct that local store to box up a like floor model to sell you? I've heard some bad things about people paying full price for brand new and then getting an obviously used demo model. Thanks
  10. Randy99CL

    Randy99CL Country Gent

    Feb 17, 2020
    AFAIK they will not give you a demo when there are new ones in the warehouse.

    GC will ship to a store for you to pick it up but MF will not.
    I prefer store pickup as better than sitting around all day waiting for UPS, but I always order from MF to get the 8% reward points. And MF will always match GC sale prices.

    I always call in my orders (to get the Vet discount) and ask if they have new ones NIB. If they don't you will get a demo and I've had them call the store for me to get the condition of the guitar. No surprises that way.
    If you don't like what you get you can return it for a full refund. You can return anything from MF at a GC store if you want, that saves paying for return shipping.
  11. juks

    juks Synchromatic

    Nov 26, 2020
    Fremont, California
    I traded in some stuff I did not need, so I had them order the new guitar to the store. The manager of the store I was in was placing the order and I told him I want an unopened box. He told me he will place the order on their warehouse and hence it will be unopened.

    So if you do not specify unopened box, there is a possibility that the order is routed to a store and a floor model is sent out. Especially if the warehouse had no inventory that will happen. A store may have an unopened box, but if not, the floor model is sent out. Unless you talk to them and specify that you will only accept unopened box.
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  12. Emmett

    Emmett Gretschie

    Feb 25, 2013
    New York / Iowa
    Thanks for that advice. I have always been a bit hesitant but these are great suggestions. Much appreciated.
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  13. dmunson

    dmunson Gretschie

    Dec 19, 2015
    Charlotte, NC
    My main reason for buying used gear from GC is that if I need to return it, the store is just a couple miles away and the return policy is great. Just to note, I'm also a Sweetwater fan.
  14. Waxhead

    Waxhead Country Gent

    Aug 30, 2014
    From Aust I've seen continual -ve reviews from US people about GC for 20 years.
    The number would be several 100s by now.

    I've seen a wide variety of unethical practices, attempted rip-offs, lies and damaged instruments of all types etc etc. You buy anything from them at your own risk imo.

    Doesn't matter if the item was online, or in a store, I wouldn't touch GC with a 10 foot pole :D
  15. speedicut

    speedicut Friend of Fred

    Jun 5, 2012
    I bought a 6128TCG from them in about 2010 or so and I was happy with both the service and guitar. Had it shipped to the house since I don't have a local store. Came with a return label IIRC.
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