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    After several decades of playing Strats and Teles I have decided I want a 6120. I grew up in the 50’s so I love a Twangy Guitar. I am considering a used 6120-1959. The price is $2000 which seems to be a fair price. Having just gone through a horrible ordeal with an online guitar purchase and having to return the guitar and finally getting MOST of my money back from an idiot who sent me a “MINT” guitar that a badly warped and twisted neck I am very hesitant to buy used online ever again. So, I am reading about what seems to be so many variables in the 6120 what do I look for as far as bracing and pickups. The seller is local so I can go play it and check it out in person. Does the fact that it is a 6120-1959 tell me everything I need to know regarding bracing and pickups etc? Should I get the serial number? Will the serial number give me all the data I need about the guitar? I know the bottom line is do I like the sound and feel of the guitar but if there are thing to look out for I would like to know in advance. I am hoping the seller will agree to go to my luthiers and let him check it out. Thanks for any info or advice anyone may have. I just recently traded a new Fender Twin Reverb Tone Master for a Fender Blues Deluxe so I can’t wait to plug it into my new BD. I love that amp! Thanks
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    $2k for a 6120 is pretty great.

    It’ll most likely be the best guitar you’ve ever played!
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    You can get a summary of what the guitar is here:

    So it has trestle bracing and filtertrons. The serial number will tell you when it was made but this sounds like a pretty standard, vintage correct model so if you like it, you won't find another one that's going to be very much different spec-wise.

    Like the posting says, there is also a lacquer version with TVs so that would make a difference to a lot of folks (this will be a G6120-1959LTV). TVs are going to be more expensive than HS Filtertrons and a lacquer finish would be more boutique and expensive as well so one could prefer that model to the standard model if the price were the same.
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