Bursts…I don’t get it

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    You ain't lying about that. Used to be able to pick up alpha Junos and Poly 800s for $150, nobody wanted them because they were hybrids. Now they sell for four or five times that. Same with old Roland JV rack units and such. Just ridiculous.

  2. We all cop an attitude at one time or another & often for arbitrary reasons,
    based on our emotional state at the time. (does that violate “arbitrary?”)

    Bagpipes are fine if the piper is off in the distant hills on a misty morn.
    But then, that damn Alpenhorn player shows up.

    You’re not that Alpenhorn player on another forum, are you? :confused:
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    We had a guy on our base that would play the pipes on the parade ground, often early in the morning or in a thick fog. That'd make the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. They were made to scare the crap out of Pictish warriors. Hearing massed pipes playing "Scotland the Brave" is pretty impressive. Check out the sounds of a carnyx sometime, or the Aztec death whistle, too. The Alpenhorn wasn't meant to scare anyone, but to communicate over miles of Swiss countryside.
  4. Alerting the neighbors their Ricola cough drop crop was ready for harvest.

    Up close, the only Alpenhorn players I’ve ever met were built like blacksmith anvils, a stout & imposing lot. Possibly because it was essential to hiking up the mountainside overlooking Lake Constance with their horns. Bagpipes are like luggage. Nobody makes gig bags for alpenhorns so far as I know.
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