Bridge pick-up is much quieter than neck


Jul 5, 2021
I recently posted about not being able to mount my new Guitar Fetish GF’trons - thankfully I managed to find a replacement screw and do this! Now they’re fitted, I noticed that the bridge pick-up in much quieter than the neck. I can get them at similar volumes by rolling off some of the neck pick-up volume, but if both are turned up to full there’s a drastic difference in volume when playing bridge only.

Although I’ve adjusted pickups before, I’m admittedly new to fitting them from scratch so I may have made an obvious mistake with height adjustments (see the image below). I also haven’t messed with the pole pieces yet, just overall pick-up height.

Whilst I’m here, the guitar makes a loud electric hum which only cuts out when I ground it by touching something metal. This was the case before I replaced the pickups/wiring harness, and I was hoping it’d be resolved no I have new wiring. I also made sure the ground wire is making contact with the screw-in bolts below the bridge, but at the moment it’s still really loud! If anyone has any ideas for this, I’d really appreciate it.



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Nov 13, 2009
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From what I can see you can crank the bridge PU a good 2mm.

Press the last fret and than crank the pickup till it connects with the string if strummed. That is the electro mechanical limit. From there it’s all down, go by ear.

Don’t touch the polepieces just yet, they are to even out string to string volume.
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May 13, 2018
Yes, you can raise that pickup up, the bridge pickup seldom interferes with strings like a neck one will.
Crank the screws on the neck pickup down flush with the top.
Your bridge pup should read higher resistance than the neck.... does it?

Hum... so the bridge is grounded? Do you have a VOM? Make sure the bridge has continuity with the pots and ouput jack body.
Are all pots grounded?
Does the guitar have shielded wire to the switch and pickups etc?


Jul 5, 2021
At the moment I don’t have any tools to read resistance etc... All of the pots should be grounded, because I bought a pre-wired harness to replace the wiring. I just soldered the new ground wire to my existing one, but as I said the buzzing has been a problem on this guitar even before the new electronics!

Does it sound easily solvable, or would I be better taking it to my setup guy at this point?