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    I think the abbreviation for abbreviation is "abbrev." And for the record, the intentional misspelling of "boi" or "gurl" is because when spoken, they're pronounced differently. "Boi," for instance, has more of an emphasis on the "ee" sound than "boy".
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    I’m wit’ you. Some of this comes down to the multiple sources of modern English; old high German, French and some Latin. Maybe we’d be better with Latin. Even older forms of English had their advantages. The “thees” and “thous” of King James English had much greater specificity than our modern English.

    One problem is that language changes and has changed a lot, just over the course of my lifetime. I don’t like all of the changes, but some of this is inevitable. What I find ironic is that English was my worst subject in high school, but I’m the one accused of erudition. Frankly, I think my critics should eschew obsfucation, and leave me alone. :)
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    Nah man. Gen X! Barely made the cut, but I’m in there. :)
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    I think you found your rap name!
    Baby X!
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    Bene Dictum
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    Also a band...
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    Cmon don't be a boomer by judging what the guy is talking about before you actually listen to him. Quite the opposite, the reaction to him is the "anti" reflex. :DHe is not saying boomer bends are bad, he is just calling certain types of bends (that are iconic in blues and blues based rock) "boomer bends". He even uses them. He is just calling them boomer bends because they allude to a style of music and guitar playing.

    I love my boomer bends.
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    Apr 9, 2014
    So true. I was talking with the kids about me getting the [virus that shall not be named] vaccine and before I could say vaccine, the heckled me "you said "the [virus that shall not be named]" - You're a boomer!!!"

    Apparently think that using "the" before that virus is a boomer thing.

    You heard it here folks. I predict that within 5 years there will be movement to stop using the word boomer as age discrimination. A certain politically part will start calling it the "b-word". I am kidding and totally serious. :|
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    Most correct spelling was once incorrect, because language is about communication and if it does communicate (and I would include intentional obfuscation) then arguably it is correct.

    And that is why Latin is frozen with a fixed set of rules. Because it is DEAD. Living languages change (and get called wrong in the process). Dead languages ossify and forever remain "correct".

    I read another article that I can't find that showed that the evolution of language is usually driven by concepts and words developed by teenagers (and usually females), whose lingo then becomes the "standard" when they become middle age. Think of up speak which was considered Valley girl speak in the 80s and is now common everywhere.

    The good news is that in 50 years, the kids you're complaining about will eb complaining about their kids.:rolleyes: Groovy, huh?
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    Can you imagine singing without a bend? Imagine a note perfectly in tune every time. No scoop. No vibrato. Just a voice landing precisely on every note without fail. Without expression. It would be like Dan Akryod's conehead character singing "Somewhere, Over the Rainbow ..." It might be moving but likely in a very different manner.
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    I laughed out loud
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    Bends are so important so you can sneak up on the note rather than directly playing it.
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  13. Henry

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    Apr 9, 2014
    Interesting question, it would sound weird because that is simply not how the human voice works. One could use a glissando. Tthere is no bending on a piano but I would argue it is still possible to be expressive.
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    Bending is certainly not the only way to be expressive on the guitar. I’ve frequently taken blues solos with no bends whatsoever, just to prove the point. But bending is an excellent tool. I also use a lot of slides and hammer ons. Usually, however, when playing the blues I tend to base my solos out of Major pentatonics, albeit with some slides.
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    r-e-a-l-l-y..? that explains soooo much! :) :)
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    Read the thread title and saw the kid's name and thought this might be an interesting discussion regarding muppets and GHS strings!

    Closer to 49 than I am 48, I made the Gen X cut.....either way I read Douglas Copeland's book in 1992 so I was trying to get the deep college experience as a freshman. It's crazy how I thought U2 and The Edge was played out and tired. Little did I know that in 2021, and probably later, I'd find their music ground-breaking with every new album with evolutionary guitar playing and incredible lyrics.

    I like Rick Beato a lot and really liked his youtube video that told the story of how he was invited to lunch with Joni Mitchell not long ago. I also don't take Henson's comments seriously.....hey, it's an individual's perspective and opinion and he's very fresh on the path to getting older and ingesting information of all kinds of topics.

    I do get the bending thing as far as using it as a crutch.....the kid didn't say that but I always try to play quality vs. playing what sounds good but could've been better had my playing been a little less predictable. I think his playing is creative but I find it limiting in that how much of that technique can be used to serve the melody of a song before it becomes a trick or a "5 finger physical workout" that sounds like it was scripted via some advanced math formula? Then again, progressive rock may also be in the same room....chaotic but less physical. Now I really don't know what Zappa is!!

    I find that I still like pop music. I also am still discover Big Band tunes from the 1940's that spark new ideas for me.

    The whole idea of what shape innovation is in a universally accepted format is far less interesting to than finding out what I can do that is fun and creative. I'll keep the formulas to science and math and enjoy learning and creating while having fun.
  17. Dang Pyramid-builders. Get off my lawn.
    Oh yeah, we got no lawns, just beachfront.
  18. :mad: Darn emojis are mostly vague, with contrived interpretations anyway.
    The meaning is often cliquey & local. (is “clique-y” a word?)

    Looking at online slang dictionary contributions:
    there are kids making up slang terms on the spot which no one uses; they just want to be on the board. The internet is essentially Junior High School.

    And yet, we need something to convey what punctuation does not address. Punctuation being marks to which we assign meaning arbitrarily. Et tu, Brutus. Oh, for the want of a semi-colon.

    Making up nonexistent band names—on the Wolfman Jack request line.
    America is all Grafitti. I guess that is what gets you hits.
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  19. Boomers getting Bent.
    Out. Go the Lights.
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