Bone Bridge Pins, Conditioned Laurel

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    Finally, I replaced the strings that came on my Takamine gd93ce with the same, standard ej16 set.

    As an experiment, I installed new ox bone bridge pins to try to get a bit more brightness and punch on the g and b strings, in particular. No stunning results yet, given the few minutes of playing, so far. It was a fun project, fitting the pins and conditioning the laurel bridge and fretboard.

    The dry, ashen look has been bugging me since the guitar arrived, six months ago. Gerlitz guitar honey works pretty good, even though I didn't really follow the instructions. Rather than spray it on and immediately wipe it off in the direction of the grain, I wiped it on liberally across and along the grain, multiple times. Here's a before and after comparison.
    20210517_123314.jpg 20211021_100020.jpg 20211021_101220.jpg
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    Nothing like the feel of a freshly conditioned fretboard. The pins look great too.
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