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  1. rake_ether

    rake_ether Gretschie

    Aug 24, 2019
    Athens, GA USA
    Just picked up Justin's fingerpicking and slide instruction videos.
  2. GHook

    GHook Gretschie

    Sep 3, 2010
    Great, let me know how he is as instructor. So far I have been able to get where he goes with his licks and incorporate them, to some degree. I am amazed I simply stumbled on the guy
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  3. It helps if he has a guitar.
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  4. I’m gonna start wandering thru old black men’s backyards looking for guitar players. ;)
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  5. wabash slim

    wabash slim I Bleed Orange

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    Does make it easier, doesn't it? The guy that taught Ray Charles had an old upright piano (pick a note, then 4 up, 5 down), and Yank Rachel learned on a mando. Some learned with a chunk of broomstick with a wire and a cigar box. But you're right, some kinda instrument does help.
  6. rake_ether

    rake_ether Gretschie

    Aug 24, 2019
    Athens, GA USA
    So far, so good. I've restricted myself to the first lesson (fingerpicking fundamentals) until I can mostly master it. He has an agreeable teaching style.
  7. r0de0

    r0de0 Synchromatic

    Jul 7, 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    Love the Republics!
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  8. GHook

    GHook Gretschie

    Sep 3, 2010
    Good to know. One of my absolute go to sources ( been an active subscriber for years) is Brian at Active Melody. I have been plunking away for years and when Brian shows me something in a lesson I get it, immediately, no mystery, no how do you do that. Its like wow, Ok, how have I missed that all these years. He also has many, many archived lessons and styles to go back and review. So perhaps he is someone to look at.
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  9. Teaching is an underrated skill.
    Seeing a few of his ActiveMelody youtube videos in passing: he has a knack for clarity.

    If fingerpicking skills are a topic, as it appears to be:
    Mark Hanson had a thing on Travis Picking 30 yrs ago that was “from the ground up” type of thing. Std tuning. It isn’t blues-related, but a good breakdown.

    What would be “blues-related,” in fingerpicking anyway?
    A whole lot of thumb & index finger players.
    A bunch of thumb & two fingers,
    A few thumb & 3.

    Changing fingers used after you’ve rigidly followed a “formula” really underscores the impact of muscle memory & habit.
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  10. GHook

    GHook Gretschie

    Sep 3, 2010
    I'm not a finger picker on guitar or bass. To pick or finger pick on 6 string, no biggie, a choice. To be a pick player on bass, a fretless at that, omg! Lol Sacrilege in the eyes of some
  11. GHook, if you are using a bow on your bass instead,
    be advised it may actually be a cello.
  12. Waxhead

    Waxhead Friend of Fred

    Aug 30, 2014
    Silly if some people think it's sacrilege in using a pick.
    To be a really good player you should learn to play bass and guitar with both fingers and pick, plus using both at same time.

    Using fingers, and a pick, produces different tones and attack adding far more versatility to your playing.
    Both are equally useful and valuable imo :D

    Plus you can have blue blood running thru your veins and talk to all the black men on porches you like but we still all need to learn basic blues and improvisation theory and methods. Learning a few 100 licks helps too :cool:
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  13. Edenfield99

    Edenfield99 Electromatic

    Jun 27, 2019
    Bury, UK
    Stefan Grossman and his guitar workshop stuff has always been good for old blues stuff (you'll find Tom Feldman, Woody Mann etc. all available there). You can buy the downloads online and stream them as required.
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  14. Edenfield99

    Edenfield99 Electromatic

    Jun 27, 2019
    Bury, UK
  15. sgarnett

    sgarnett Synchromatic

    Apr 14, 2020
    I think the 2420/2420T may be voiced particularly well for old blues, especially if you push it a bit with your picking hand. It can take on just a hint of resonator/ladder-braced swampiness.
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  16. My one gripe abt Republics is that they have the same nut width as nearly all Nationals 1.82” which can leave [my] thumb feeling like its about to come off after a few hours.

    Also the neck feels like you’re playing baseball with a softball bat.
    But I have 2 anyway. For the price of admission they’re nice guitars.

    The Gretsch necks are more playable in a fast 1.75”
    Now if only they held their tuning better.
  17. U
    There are unwritten rules.
    When SRV emulated Hendrix & his predecessors by playing tuned down 1/2 step, it became de rigueur to play in std tuning—if you were cool while taking up the guitar.

    For my money you can’t play Hendrix unnless the machine heads point to the floor.

    Used to be the attitude that anyone who played in altered tunings was a wuss & cheater. You had to suffer to play guitar. Of any type. That’s why guitar players grimace so much.
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  18. Stratiner

    Stratiner Electromatic

    I've signed up for Truefire all access. I'm about a month in and have refreshed and learning LOTS of stuff I taught myself INCORRECTLY. And breaking those habits. Anyways...

    I have worked on lessons from several instructors on Truefire. I like Corey Con - whatever his name is. LOL. But have settled in with David Hamburger's fingerpicking courses for the moment - there are several. I've never been able to pick blues like that and love some piedmont style stuff - Brownie McGhee style stuff. Hamburger also has some slide stuff but haven't looked yet. With the all access, I can look at whatever I'm feeling. See if I want to work more or move on.

    It's making me want an old Stella or a Jim Dandy. Parlor guitar. My daughter has a custom made Wish(nevsky) parlor sized guitar that would be cool as well. IF she'd turn loose of it.
  19. Blister

    Blister Gretschie

    Jan 2, 2021
    Upstate NY
    Really great stuff here
  20. johnny g

    johnny g Country Gent

    Sep 2, 2017
    union, ms
    You want to learn blues you say. Take a trip from Vicksburg to Memphis on Route 61 . You will be stopping from time to time along the way at some night clubs, bars and the like that play nothing but blues. Now we are talking old delta blues, the stuff that started it all.
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