Bigsby B16 Q!


Jul 1, 2019
Hi Gretcshies,

I am putting together a Dakota Red/rosewood fat necked tele w. a B16. Its gonna be a fun one with a split Don Mare Stangray in the bridge and a Wilde Pickups L90 in the neck position - most of the parts are in the mail!

However, I am scouring the internet for a bridge compensated for a plaing G, and am coming up short.

So, short of ordering a serpentune, what do I do? Does anyone know the part no for plain G bridge (ive comeas far as to find a part no. of o261, but I am unsure whether this bridge is for Gretsch sized bridge, or B16 bridge sized...)

I am in Europe, but dont mind ordering from the US.

TLDR, I need B16 bridge comped for plain G, HELP!!

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