Best way to reattach detached ribbon in Gretsch case

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    Not sure if it's called a ribbon; that narrow strip of cloth that, when you have your guitar case open, suspends the lid and keeps it from falling all the way over to the other side. Mine is attached to the lid, but not to the main body of the case. The previous owner had about a dozen staples that weren't quite holding it in place, I immediately took those out lest they scratch the guitar. But I'd like to reattach this thing the proper way, if there is a proper way.

    Anyone got any tips?
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    Maybe @mrfixitmi may be able to help . I'm sure he'll be around soon or later
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    Sorry for the delay, yes, there is a way to reattach it without using staples. If this is just an issue with the ribbon pulling out, you can reattach it by using trim adhesive (weatherstrip adhesive this used to be called amber tack), to both sides of the ribbon, and inserting it back into the case between the padding and the case. The tricky part is clamping the padding, the ribbon and outer case. This can be done using a deep "C" clamp. The case needs to remain open with the ribbon clamped for at least (3) days. I know the label says dries in 24 hours, but since it is clamped, there is a restriction in air flow. If the ribbon broke off, it will be too short and will continually pull out.

    Have no fear, you can buy a a piece of velour from any fabric shop. It will help if you double the thickness of the cloth by folding it in half, and placing a few drop of the adhesive to the inside , allowing it to dry for 48 hours. To reattach it, place the amber tack on each side start with the case first, then attach it to the lid.

    We have used this method on hundreds of vintage guitar and banjo cases with success. I know that the waiting for the dry time will be difficult, but most people have issues because they fail to wait.

    I have had to redo several repairs, because most people will glue the pieces back together and use staples until the 24 hour drying period. Usually when you remove the staples, it pulls the repair apart. The amber tack is a pliable/flexible adhesive that will move with the strap. A hard adhesive tends to pull away from the strap.

    I hope that this helps.
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    ......... and I thank you Sir
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    Good repair tip @mrfixitmi ; thanks !
    I note it, who knows... ;)

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    Me, I would reinforce the end of the cloth, put a clean hole through it, gently pull away the interior lining, push a split rivet through from the outside after drilling a small hole, separate the split ends and Re-glue the interior lining. I have done just that attaching replacement case hinges and clasps that have different hole patterns than the original.
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