Became a Gretscher today (G5129)


Feb 5, 2009
Seoul, South Korea
You might remember I posted about a week or so ago to ask your opinions about that 3-knobbed G5125. Well. I passed on that one after all. I had to change my plan of placing an order on G5129 since they asked me to pay 50% deposit. Man. I would have to have for 2 months until finally get it. A long time to wait.

Then last night I ran into a very unexpected webpage. A G5129 for sale, which doesn't even normally sell in Korea. And it was listed as "new" among some used items. Weird. The price? $570. Holy Cow. I thought there must be something wrong, since even new G5120s sell for approximately $660 here. A new G5125 or G5129 is supposed to cost $960. But I knew the store was an official Gretsch dealer here. Mysterious. Very mysterious.

I couldn't place an order just to make sure nobody snatches it away in case it's a real deal. Last night I couldn't sleep well. This morning I called them and asked if it was ok for me to go to the shop, pay cash and pick it up in person if I became sure I'd buy it. They said yes.

So I went over. God. It was first time for me to see a real G5129. It was beautiful. And it wasn't a replica or something. It had been displayed there for a few months. They said they put it on their website for about 2 months. And nobody bought it. How weird! Just like it was waiting for me. It was in great condition.

And I got it.


I'm an official Gretscher now.... ;)

It's beautiful. And it sounds beautiful of course. I'm supposed to get an amp from a departing friend but only after 2 more weeks. I'm broke so I have to wait to get a strap and a hard case for it. But I had a great fun playing it plugged into my cheap headphone amp. Very properly, my band is supposed to play at a Beatles tribute show next month. How appropriate! I'm getting excited. And I'm really really really glad to own a Gretsch.


Life is amazing!! :D
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I am very happy for you vylabrie. I have a 5125 (all black) so I know how good your guitar is. I absolutely love mine. The DeArmond 2000 pickups are wonderful. May your new guitar bring you a lifetime of pleasure and joy.


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May 26, 2008
Hill Country, TX
Terrific. I'm a new Gretsch owner and I still don't have photos of mine up anywhere. I'd better get to it.

Thanks for sharing and keep hanging around Gretsch-Talk and fill us in on everything you add to the guitar.


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Jan 18, 2009
Fog City USA
More congrats from me. Worth the wait I imagine. You did well for the money and, as I recall, you wanted a red-hot gretsch and now ... you got it. All the best.

I'd save for a pro line myself if I wasn't afraid I'd end up letting all my other guitars go by the wayside. These really are nice guitars. I know you'll enjoy it for a long time to come. You'll probably wear holes in your fingers this weekend.


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Just ran across this amp, (newly listed at Mf but I had heard of them) and immediately thought of you and your new Gretsch.

It's the 'Texas Red' version of Fenders Blues Jr. Uses a Celestion Vintage 30 and here is $575. (I believe there is a typo in their description of this specific amp, stating it's output is 40 amps. Think all Bjr's are 15 watts).

I've got the NOS version (laquered tweed) w/uses a Jensen C12N and sells for $550. Love it. (Got it new for $414 6 months ago. Very fortunate).

The standard Blues Jr. uses a Fender Special Design (Eminence), is avail in Brown/Oxblood, Blonde and Black and runs $480 here.

There are no other differences in the models. Just coverings, handles and speakers.

Wonderful little 15w into one 12", EL-84 based amp w/Reverb, that's not too hard to haul around @ 31#. Has a great following, although some don't care for it. I don't know why. Has both a vol and a master so you can get some great overdriven tones at lower levels. Also has a 'fat switch' with optional single pushbutton footswitch. Very good clean sounds as well. I run mine in parallel with or switch between it and my Deluxe Reverb RI. Very cool. The DRRI is an awesome amp with half again as much power, but for many things I prefer the sound of my NOS.

I'd think a used one might be found for a nice savings and they can be easily be stripped and repainted (ie to match your guitar; I love the black contrasts on yours and have imagined an amp the same color with a black double racing stripe). There's a used standard model on the bay with a BIN of $350.


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Jun 6, 2008
Okay, first of all, girls shouldn't play guitar...


Congratulations. It looks gorgeous. And welcome. My wife is also from Seoul and hopes to visit in the next couple of years. If she knows there's a Gretsch handy over there she'll feel like she's home.


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Kind of like this limited edition Hot Rod Deluxe, only with your red.


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Jun 3, 2008
A beautiful Gretsch! it really suits you, I think she has been waiting for you, indeed. I own two Gretsches, and I am sure they were waiting for me, a 2005 model and a 2008 model, both bought in 2008.


Feb 5, 2009
Seoul, South Korea
It keep surprising me to see how warm, friendly and welcoming this place - well, it's not a "place" but I want to use that word here - is. Thank you so much for all your kind celebrations. Wow. Everything related to Gretsch has been just a big Wow for me and I'm sure it'll be so forever.

Gretsch-Talk: I can't believe I didn't put the image. Thanks. ;)

DevilYouKnow: Yeah, that's very correct what you remember. I wanted that red-hot Gretsch and I got it. Still, I think I need to be careful unless I want to end up with 7 Gretsches in a few years. I got so tempted when I tried G6118T Anniversary model with TV Jones pickups at the shop a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the price did it for me. Argh. Was painful though.

dafreeze: Thank you so much for the recommendation even though I AM getting an amp from a friend soon. (It's a Fender but not as good as those you posted, I think.) I might buy a Vox amPlug if I get really bored before it happens. The headphone amp I already have is just as good as it's low price. Still, even just looking at it makes me happy, joyful, glad, blessed and satisfied. :)

gretschiam: Ha ha, many girls I know do play guitar, sadly... ;)
So you're married to a Seouler? Awesome. If your wife ever DOES want to know where in Seoul she can go to be around Gretsch guitars, here's the dealers list. I can't really be humorous:

ishtar: Have never own a Tele but I'd love to have one sometime in my life.

Amaryllis: I do believe so! Indeed, that's what my best friend said when she heard the story. I'm a believer of the laws of attraction and so pretty sure I drew it toward me and it was waiting. ;)

I RECORDED something just for fun. But the result is FULL OF NOISE, argh. The cheap headphone amp+cheap line converter(?) sort of combination plugged into the mic line of my laptop. Well, I just wanted to hear what it sounds like recorded. The selector in the middle position. Fully fingerpicked as I usually do. My rendition of "Something" with a few limping parts. (Usually sing it while I play it, but not in here...)

Again, BEWARE of the NOISE:

Happy Valentine's Day to every Gretscher and wannabe Gretscher here!



Feb 5, 2009
Seoul, South Korea
Thanks. Yup, that's the kind of noise that makes you swear a bit when you hear the result. I'll have to do a research and find out what kind of equipment I need to get "clean(!)" recording sound. I'm also thinking getting of one of those Vox amPlugs for fun. I really don't know much about guitars or equipment, since I'm a singer who plays guitar and not the other way around! ;)

But I'm hooked now....So who knows?

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