Batman-ish colorway for the Mysterybrain


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Feb 10, 2010
LaFayette IN
A young man talked me into an 80s vibe w the Grape Ape Mysterybrain, using green chix knobs (the alum skirt knobs are the NOS toshiba chip upgrade vers.) .
And I was quite fine with this,
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that is until two players my age (crumym vision in your 50s) wrote to me and asked if they could have knob colors differentiating the Echo part of the Mysterybrain aka RE-301 tape echo, from the
preamp and opto vibrato/chorus. so they could see the 3 effects controls on stage. I have to admit, it tugs at my OCPD a bit because they dont match eachother, but they do match the 4 colors on the pedal (ie purple, grey, white and black).
Once I put them on there they seem to actually work nicely, so I'm gonna offer it. Sorta reminds me of 60s batman meets batgirl, a bit.

avail to order,

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That makes it a bit more user friendly.