SOLD Baritone conversion neck for telecaster $195

Andy Fortune

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May 24, 2016
Corning, NY
This is a 28 5/8" scale baritone conversion neck that fits standard Tele neck pockets. It has a Fender spaghetti logo, but it is not a Fender. The original builder of the guitar it came off of (the guitar in the video below--not my video--it was made before I got the guitar) says it was made by a luthier who works for a big name company in California, but he made it on the side. It's possibly signed at the heel, but I can't make out what it says. Edit: the neck has been identified as made by DC Kunkle. In the video, the guy says it's a USACG neck, but that is incorrect. That's all I know, but I can assure you it is an exceptionally well-made neck, and quite beefy. If you don’t like a fat neck, this is not for you. It's a C shape with a hint of V on the lower part--full 15/16" thick at the first fret and 1" thick at the 12th. The width at the nut is 1 11/16". 9.5" radius.
$195 PayPal'd and shipped in the continental USA


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