B12 with Atkins arm issue?


Jan 31, 2023
Hi there. Really interested to learn of any members' experience with a 1970's B12 Bigsby with an Atkins wire arm. Over the weekend I went to view a 1979 7595 White Falcon for sale and found that the wire arm would hit the lower bout (and vol pots) when swiveled into the tucked away, 'rest' position. The seller rotated the arm in the 'holder' and it then turned a full 180 degrees but was still then approx 2.5" proud of the tail piece. Is that normal? It seemed really awkward....
I must confess ignorance as my only guitar with an Atkins arm is mounted on a classic cut-out V B6 and rotates and rests perfectly. As so my 60's guitars with B6/flat arm set ups.
Any thoughts or observations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!