Are Solid Body Guitars a must have???


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Feb 16, 2013
Isn't variety the spice of life? I have some great sounding hollow, semi-hollow, and solid body guitars. They all have their own personalities.
My sentiments exactly!
I thought I had my bases covered with my TVJ-equipped G5420, my Double Jet, my Ibanez 335 clone, and my Epi Joe Pass jazz box…
But then I realized a couple of months ago that I didn’t have a Tele so I let the GAS shopping begin and ended up with a Harley Benton TE52.

Am I done buying? Maybe…
But the bills are still getting paid and we’re not missing any meals, so where’s the harm?

Abeno Matto

May 8, 2014
I moved to a sound sensitive apartment building a year and a half ago. I can only play my Duo-Jet at hours when nobody is in the building. The solid body guitars are necessary for late night playing with headphones on.


Aug 7, 2022
Hello everyone, got a bit of a weird question.
Is a solid body guitar even needed in a guitar collection??
Let me explain....
I'm constantly reaching for my hollowbody gretsch guitars, they do everything i want them to.
From playing acoustic (my acoustic guitar is barely used) up to super intense high gain Sounds.
In fact i even gigged my 5420 in a Hardcore Band in the Past with my mesa Dual rectifier.
I know that lots of hollowbodys struggle with distortion, but not the gretsch hollowbodys... they take it like a Champion.
So that kinda raises the question for me, is a solid body guitar even necessary if i can get all the tones i need from a gretsch hollowbody?

I've got an electromatic double jet which Sounds great but i barely Grab it, feels a bit too small due to the double cutaway... i'm thinking about selling it.
Then i have an epiphone wildkat which i essentially never play and the rest of my guitars is just gretsch hollowbodys and one barely played acoustic.

Let me know your thoughts, is a solid body guitar a must have??
When I was a lot younger I wanted to collect what I thought were the major guitar food groups : I ended up with a Gibson SG61RI, a 2008 Gibson Les Paul, a really old Fender Tele, a US standard strat, Fender precision bass amongst others.........................................................................all of which mostly collect dust since I got my first hollow body which is a 6120TG

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