Anyone still use a full-length strap?


Feb 12, 2011
Iowa City, IA
I've tried it, but not for me. I remember seeing church musicians (and one nun at my catholic high school) use the strap that way and thought that's the only way. When I started playing guitar in the 80's and trying it standing up, it just felt weird. My peripheral vision doesn't seem to like that line running down near my fretting hand/arm. Even tried it again this week on my type A mandolin...nope! My 6- and 12- acoustics duly received a strap button screwed into the neck heel, the mando being a type A has it old-school, under the fretboard/thin bit on the body (Google a Type A mandolin and maybe you'll see what I mean).

wabash slim

I Bleed Orange
Feb 10, 2010
lafayette in
Actually Sister Jackie (Jacqueline) was really cool. NOT your typical nun teacher, if ya get my meaning. My dad, on the other hand, used to tell stories about the ruler on the knuckles, etc...
I survived Catholic school. Nuns were either like your favorite aunt, or the polar opposite. I remember having to kneel on uncooked popcorn as a punishment, among other things.

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