Anyone here into GMP guitars?

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    Oct 21, 2012
    I's curious to know if anyone here is interested in GMP guitars. I first learned about the brand from Neil Gerado he and his wife opened for an artist I was playing with about 15ish years ago.

    The quality of the guitars is through the roof and playablility and sound are amazing. They're hand built in San Dimas by some of the original Jackson/Charvel and BC Rich (back when those companies were actually building high end made to order guitars) craftsman.

    They make them with P-90s, Filtertrons, anything you like. Basically, they're a real custom guitar company so you get what you want.

    Their flagship model, the Roxie, to me is everything that the Duo Jet may have evolved into if Gretsch had been run as a small high end company instead of as an iconic brand slapped on anything and everything ala FMIC.

    Anyways, I have a couple of them and love them. The company is owned by Dan Lawrence, who is the guy who painted a lot of those 1980s guitars. Very nice and talented guy.

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