Anybody know where I can get a name plate/logo made to replace one on amp?

Discussion in 'Ampage Area' started by YouFellowRebels, Jul 12, 2020.

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    Here's my opinion.
    Simply take off the name badge.
    Replacing it with something else is just lying about who made the amp.
    You might not like what the guy said but that shouldn't take away from his good work. There is good and bad in everyone.
    If we went by skeletons in closets you'd be forced to take logos, badges, etc. off a whole lot of the stuff you own.
    Just take the badge off and be done with it.
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  2. YouFellowRebels

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    Jun 17, 2020
    Thanks so much to everybody for the ideas. I wish I was better with tools to make something myself, that would definitely be the most rewarding. Maybe in my later years when my kid is grown and I have time to goof around with it and screw up a few times.
    I’ve heavily weighed selling it to buy another amp. Having a family, kid and a tight budget due to those it would be hard to recoup enough to buy an amp in the same ballpark.
    For the time being I’ve removed the plates and left it blank, I may take the name off of the control panel (it’s printed on, so would take some work) if I decide to keep it.
    I’ve also reached out to the owner/designer to hear what he has to say. His response was simply that he didn’t make the comments and thinks his account was hacked. I go back and forth on this. The comment was made on a, what I would call extremist to one side, Facebook page. I find it hard somebody would hack the account and make one comment then leave it be. It feels like backpedaling for something he may not have believed would get caught or be an issue. Being a small company that has had some high profile acts buy their gear and knowing people who associate with him I find it odd that it would slip out in one comment and not have a prior history. I also want to believe in my heart that everybody can be a good person. I’ll be following it for a while to come to a decision and form my opinion.
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    Jun 17, 2020
    These looks pretty amazing. Do you build the amps or just change the plates? Looks like some fun gear to play on!
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    Admin Post
    Put your name on it ;)
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    Jun 17, 2020
    Last name is Paris, which I always went by when I played in groups in my younger days. That would look plenty cool on the front.
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    Jun 17, 2020
    For now that’s what I’ve done. I’ve tried extremely hard not to be too political or start any arguments here. Though I hope for the best in everybody I cannot support the work of somebody who in this day and age can be openly racist, regardless of who it is against. I started dialogue with the individual himself because I wanted to hear his side. I’m on the fence on what to believe and am working hard to make an educated decision. It’s much like the Fulltone pedal situation, except this person may be trying to hide it more.
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    Use whatever you want! Who cares?!
    I put this furry spider under glass over the peavey logo on my valveking.
    I have no problems with peavey, but I thought the logo on this amp was kinda ugly.
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