Any Strat experts out there? I need some buying advice. Don't delay, time running out.

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    Jan 13, 2021
    You know something funny about BBT? When it came out I wouldnt watch it at all. I thought it was another stupid "Hot Blonde Girl everyone wants" type comedy Like threes company. One day he local FOX took off the 6pm syndicated HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (another one I warmed up to later on) and replaced it with BBT after a while I got the hang of it and it is a really well done show
    But everyone has their own choices so its all good!
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    Fingers crosssed, and don't forget to post pics once it's safely arrived. :)
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    It’s not so much choices, it’s just that I had my fill of the concept in the 70s. I haven’t really watched “TV” in decades. No time.
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    That's nice!
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    Jan 13, 2021
    Dont watch TV?
    What about the hard working men and Women of the cable television industry?
  6. MIM Strat I had in the 1990s might have been my funnest times ... great string through - I had rented it for one month from a music shop/studio in Santa Monica ...
    I just paid the balance after the month lessons to keep it - the finish was tobacco sunburst and the neck was no problem.

    That "axe" taught me that I should use my right dominant hand - write right handed -
    on the fret board, so I am lefty guitars from now on.

    MIM Teles I have seen - in tobacco sunburst - were made in 2014 and were the semi-hollow body with the one f-shaped breathing hole.

    I do not understand the difference between the Tele and the Strat though .,, pickups (?)
    Strat seem "superior" ... Tele more "old school" ?
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  7. Yup ... agree.
    The painted headstock ... really looks classy imho
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