Any HVAC knowledge/help appreciated ...


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May 15, 2020
Final update -- After research and consulting with the guy helping us, we went with the Rheem. 70,000 BTU with a two speed motor. It'll allow us to integrate some things we'd like to do in the future. It was $3800 installed. He said he gave us the friends and family deal and I have to say, he was Johnny on the spot with all communication and work. We certainly weren't planning on this but I'm grateful we were able to get it done. It won't quite be a Ramen Christmas but ouch, home ownership has its dues.


Jul 20, 2017
South Dakota
When I bought my first house, I realized that I no longer spent time at the music store or stereo shop. I spent the time (and money) at the hardware and home improvement stores.
OMG don’t get me started! My wife wanted a larger home and my mom moved in so I built with a condo built in for mom. Now she is in a home and I’m thinking why we had to go so big! The kids want to live here forever but you know kids, that could change in a heartbeat. But it costs to own! for the young ones here or new to home buying pay it off fast go in with a. Big down payment and save for the problems that will arise because there will be issues and upkeep and taxes. Plan ahead for all of that!


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May 1, 2012
I don't think heat pumps are a good idea anymore. First, furnaces and AC units are much more efficient and reliable than they've ever been. But in addition, heat pumps aren't as good at heating or cooling by themselves - always seem to need supplementing. And a supplemented heat pump in a cold climate isn't a terrible idea if you rarely need AC. But down here, we have enough extremes (Georgia) that most people I know with heat pumps have replaced them.

As for gas vs. electric - it depends on your location and what kind of gas service you have. If you have natural / city gas, it's a no brainer. But if you have to rely on LP etc., it becomes more troublesome. Even so, I still prefer gas. It's not all that expensive and it's very reliable.

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