Amazon: Undeliverable(?!)

Discussion in 'Fred's Barcalounge' started by ZackyDog, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Sid Nitzerglobin

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    Jun 8, 2015
    Based on my own experience of this kind of stuff, I'd guess it was a lie on the part of the driver & they just couldn't make it to the delivery location before the end of their shift. This seems to be the default behavior when they just can't make it on time or the package didn't make it onto the truck it needed to be on at the distribution center. I'm assuming the motivation for this behavior is to keep their SLA achievement numbers look better.

    I'd be much less put out if they were straight up about it than when they pull the "undeliverable\delivery location inaccessible" ruse. I guess that's slightly better than when they mark it as delivered when in fact they never even attempted delivery. Had that happening a good bit w/ USPS when I was having stuff delivered to the office & they had it slated for a Saturday delivery when they know the receiving department isn't open over the weekend. Talking to the local PO about it after several occurrences had me running around the receiving departments at my work looking for the supposedly delivered packages, they never even load the packages for our building on the truck on Saturdays.

    One of the more ridiculous ones recently was on a small shipping envelope being sent to my house they marked as "Delivery location inaccessible" (a simple mailbox on the front porch w/ no fences/etc.) when they had successfully accessed it earlier in the day to deliver the regular mail. Package came the next day & it was no big deal to me except for them making some stuff up to make it seem like the problem wasn't on their end.

    Edit: Oops, just realized this was from last year. Hope you wound up getting your power supply ;)
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  2. simonhard

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    Aug 20, 2021
    I’m not entirely sure that is possible. Why would an Amazon locker reject an Amazon package? I simply think they kinda lost it and said this as an excuse. However, it might be real. Amazon sometimes has some strange actions and rules. I’ve been searching through and have seen various discounts and even free delivery. It’s strange to me that they want to pay for delivery themselves. Maybe they had had an error while processing the order or the parcel. You should ask for their support.
  3. guitarfarm

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    I had that happen a couple of months ago. I order stuff from Amazon all the time and usually have no problem. I have a long driveway with a locked gate at the end of it. Must have been a new driver because he didn't want to leave the package at the gate so he marked it "undeliverable". Couple of days later he's back at my gate and my phone rings. I answer it and it's Amazon saying, "Your gate is locked". I tell him that my gate is always locked and that he should be thankful for that fact since I have an extremely large Russian guard dog. He wants to know what to do. I tell him, "Well, all the other drivers seem to have no difficulty leaving packages at the gate, I suggest you try it."

    It's tough training new help.
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