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Albums of the year 2022


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Apr 27, 2010
Forever Malcolm Young
On a football forum I frequent, we're invited every year to submit a list of our top ten albums released that year (no compilations, no reissues).

Every year it gets more difficult.

Anyway, here's mine this year.......

1. Cola - Deep In View
2. Holodrum - Holodrum
3. Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems
4. Congotronics International - Where's The One
5. Los Bitchos - Let The Festivities Begin
6. Otoboke Beaver - Super Champon
7. Adrian Quesada - Boleros Psicodelicos
8. BKO - Djine Bora
9. The Reds, Pinks and Purples - Summer at Lands End
10. Momma - Household Name

Yours? Doesn't matter if you can't get to ten.


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May 25, 2022
New York
CHVRCHES Screen Violence.

I prefer their live performances. Here's a link to a live performance of the best of the album.


Jan 13, 2014
Central Australia NT
Midnight Oil - Resist This album was a a massive surprise for me I had hoped it would be good but after nearly 20 years I wondered if they would still produce the magic. I'm happy to say not only do they still have it, it is one of the best albums they have ever made.

To prove I do listen music other than the Oils Willian Crighton's Water and Dust is a very close second Incredible album I love it!

Mr Twangy

Dec 27, 2020
Chesterville, Ontario
The only albums I bought in the last year were The Best of Muddy Waters on vinyl, Hoodoo Man Blues by Junior Wells, a Skip James compilation, and both albums by Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs.


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I only bought 2 albums this year:

Every 5 Seconds - The Fixx

Revealer - Madison Cunningham
What constitutes an album?
Vinyl, CDs, or the purchase of a digital album? Do they need to be current 1st release?

Mr Twangy’s purchases aren’t going win awards this year. Not a football player among the lot.

I gotta look. Don’t particularly care what awards go out. I buy what I like, not what anyone else likes.

* Taj & Ry Cooder is a good ‘un.
* Bob’s Back Pages - Lucinda Williams (2020)
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Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
Not a great year for new music in my world, but I scored big on the older stuff. Between my local used record shop’s Going Out of Business Sale and a huge binge visit to Amoeba Music in LA, I probably brought home some 50 to 60 CDs this year.

And of all those albums, exactly ONE of them came out this year! The latest release from psychedelic garage rockers The Fuzztones, a band that's been around since the 80's.