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May 26, 2008
Hill Country, TX
From time to time we get people that show up at Gretsch-Talk.com with an AGENDA. Usually, they feel they've been burned somewhere. Or they don't like something. Or they believe strongly in some cause. And they want to use GT to "warn", "inform" and "protect" our members. But what they really want to do is to use the our guitar website as their personal soapbox and megaphone.

Please be aware that we don't wish to have GT used by anyone for their personal soapbox to warn the world of anything.

Deals Gone Bad

Some guy gets burned, or at least feels that he's been burned, and he shows up here to WARN everyone. In the years we've run this place we see this a lot and most of the time the guy doing the warning is not 100% accurate with his description of what went wrong and may even bear some or most of the blame for the problem.

But the fact is, we don't want to hear about your deal gone bad. If you've got a problem with a transaction you need to discuss it with the other party. Any "warning" posts you make here will be removed.

Fraudulent Products
So, you bought a $149 Custom Gretsch White Falcon (Did I get a good deal?) from a dealer in North Korea and the guitar you ordered never arrived and now they won't respond to your emails. That problem is "yours" on every level and we don't wish to have you post your WARNING here. Same goes for your eBay seller with 67% positive feedback that shipped you a Gretch Guitar instead of the Gretsch guitar you expected (Its not my fault, the photos of the headstock were blurry and I couldn't read the name).

And, please don't post your link to FraudulentGuitarsRus.com to show us all the rip off guitars they are selling.

This Company is a Rip Off
Found an effects pedal for $200 with the innards of a $29 pedal inside and you want to warn us all about the rip off? That's nice of you, but will you please donate $100,000 to our legal defense fund to cover the liability of the post you just made? I didn't think so... so, please don't post it unless you are funding the legal costs 100%.

John Doe is a Crook!
If someone has ripped you off from our classifieds. Don't post about it on our forums. Contact the Administrator (http://www.gretsch-talk.com/contact) and let us deal with this behind the scenes. We can't always turn things around, but we can ban the bad guys so they can't rip anyone else off.

Save the (dogs, cats, planet, your cause here)
If you are pro- this or anti-that then good for you. We're happy for you. But we don't want to hear about it here. Keep it to yourself. You can't use GT to get the word out. What we have here is a community of Gretsch lovers, guitar lovers, music lovers and such. If you've got a cause then go find a forum that caters to that cause and leave us unwashed and ignorant of the joys you've found with your cause of the moment. This is especially true for your chosen religion or politics -- which are unwanted here on every level.
So, if you've got an agenda -- we're not going to be the place for you to share it with the world. Agenda posts will be removed. Agenda posters that can't stop promoting their agenda will be permanently banned from the community.
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