Friend of Fred
Jul 20, 2017
South Dakota
We have an oculus VR set, it's pretty fun but all 3 gamers in the family still prefer consoles and PCs.

The next real upgrade will be neural jacks.
No neural jacks for me. Might as well sell my brain to big tech just as bad as believing everything the media feeds us But then beamed straight in! I don’t for one minute believe the powers to be wouldn’t take advantage of that!


Oct 18, 2015
Madonna, Michael Jackson and others were lip-syncing big parts of their show to be able to perform elaborate choreografies since many years. This is only a step further...


May 11, 2011
São Paulo
Well, if you're the artist, there's the advantage of not having to haul your gear — you can sit around drinking champagne while the royalties come bouncing in... Seriously though, those artist put in a lot of touring work to get to the point where they can create a show that presents a hologram.

I love kraftwerk but I'd rather go to a show where they pretend to be robots than have the actual robots there. Reminds me of going to Epcot Center when I was a kid and seeing the dummy pirates moving from side to side. I thought it was pointless at the time, and guess I haven't changed my mind yet.

With the artists that are no longer with us it kind of bothers me. To the point I'd be embarrassed to be there. But I don't see why anyone should not go, if it's their thing. I would have loved to see Buddy Holly live, though...

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