A new guitar: Bigsby detunes by almost 20c, probably not the nut

Chance Novak

Apr 20, 2022
This is a pretty deep thread; sorry if I missed something......

This may seem trivial, but have you tried stringing the guitar OVER the tension roller ( a la the Brian Setzer models etc.)?...on some guitars you can get away with it and it will definitely reduce the bridge contact angle. On others it makes the treble stings "sitar". This works on my G5427 but didn't work when I tried it on my Yamaha Revatr 720B. Probably worth a try....


Senior Gretsch-Talker
Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
When I stretch the string, it is pulled out of the nut. The same happens if I pull Bigsby ("bend up"). But the tuning goes down in the 1st case, up in the 2nd case. Is not it that if it were the nut, Bigsby by pulling the string out of the nut would need to somehow make it push back into the nut and pinch it there.

By the way, pressing the string fragment between the bridge/ and the Bigsby's roller detunes down (as the stretching of the string does), yet pressing the fragment between Bigsby's two rollers detunes up.

I like your logic, but try it again thinking of the string as a rubber band.

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