6123 Monkee


Sep 10, 2014
Hamilton on
I beg your pardon m8 i just got one of these with a gold pick guard. could it be original. and when should the guitar be in killed mode when the switch is up center or down?


Friend of Fred
Jul 30, 2008
Murfreesboro, TN
Monkee's with a gold pickguard? Pictures would go a long way in determining the actual pedigree of the instrument. The standard Monkees pickguard was white with the Monkees logo AND the Gretsch logo. However, that's not to say that the original pickguard may have been replaced.

Keep in mind that there are notorious Monkees model fakes out there... where people took a standard Gretsch Streamliner or Rally model and "converted" them to a Monkees model. Why, I don't know... the Monkees model was never particularly valuable in comparison to some other Gretsch models.

Oh, and to answer your question regarding the standby switch... the guitar should be muted with the switch in the center position. If the switch is toggled to either of the other positions, it should be live/hot.


Mar 7, 2010
Kingston Ontario Canada
Never seen one with a gold pickguard, mine came with a silver pickguard and a regular black truss rod cover. It didn't have the monkees logo on either. So there could be a chance of a gold one, but a slim one at that.

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