6121 Roundup Pickups and bridge Upgraded

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    My first Gretsch was this 6120 that I bought new in the early 00's. I think I bought it on looks alone. I was expecting it to be something along the lines of a Jet or LP (minus the excess weight), I gigged with it in a rock band but it just didn't cut it like my Strat or Tele, so it was relegated to the Jazz band for a while.

    So not long ago I decided to upgrade the thing. Reading on this forum, I came to find the bridge was a weak point, and it made total sense. It really had little sustain, and the tone was just meh! Next item to address was the sound. I've always loved P90's, having only played but never owned, so I decided to fit them to this guitar. Reckon it's been screaming for them. :D

    Having now upgraded the bridge and pickups, it's a completely different guitar, and yep, like what I was expecting, so I'm sharing my experience.

    Bridge upgraded to ABM2400.
    The original bridge has plastic rollers that kills the tone and sustain. I first tried a bar bridge but found the G and B strings sounded like a sitar. Discovered that was caused by the slot widths being a little too wide. It would sound fine if I angled the bridge slightly, but then the harmonics were out. The ABM is spot on.

    Pickups changed to TV Jones T90's.
    Compared to the stock ceramic magnet Filter'Trons, the difference is substantial. They have more output and balanced equally between the two and unlike the originals, the pole screws line up perfectly under the string. Playing, it's much more touch sensitive, more dynamics when you dig in, bass is noticeably tighter or less muddy, better string separation, smoother treble, and mids stand out without being overpowering. I'd describe the tone in a word as full bodied. And it just cuts through now. I really like these pickups. Can't wait to gig with it...but not holding my breath these days :(

    I went for cream over black with my reasoning being that it goes with the binding, and I think it looks better against gold. Comments welcome.

    Have to say, TVJ's service is excellent. They contacted me to confirm the right mount and works out I had it wrong. They promptly changed my order and about 1 week later they were on the way. I can't believe how fast they got here, and I live in a rural area.

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    Nice job on the mods. Great looking guitar.
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