40 Essential Christmas Albums

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    You're right. I just don't understand the impulse. Any Best of List is just someone's opinion, which can be disagreed with. It's also impossible for any list maker to make anybody but themselves completely happy. But if the list comes from Rolling Stone, a few folks here repeatedly see the need to trash it. (Same thing happens with the related Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, where people are pissed that their favorite hasn't been selected; therefore the entire Hall is crap.) Personally I found several of the albums on the list that I hadn't heard before and have enjoyed listening to them. That's why I post these things. Others I don't agree with. Maybe get people to experience some things they might not have heard and allow people to share their own favorites. It's certainly not to suggest any list is the ultimate.
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    That Low Christmas album is amazing, don’t let the write up fool you. It’s absolutely stunning.
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