2622T-P90 Stupid Deal of the Day

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    Feb 17, 2020
    Latest update:
    The guitar arrived at my apt in the early afternoon and UPS dropped the box and ran like they always do.
    First thing I saw was a beat-up Gibson box with about 5 crossed-out shipping labels on it. I opened it and pulled out a badly wrapped guitar and no case candy. The guitar was obviously a floor demo with a few scratches and spots I didn't like.

    I'd gotten the email today that the other had shown up at the GC store this morning, so I called and asked the guy to walk into the back and see if that one was new in a Gretsch box. I'd explained the whole story and he told me he couldn't check the guitar (?!?) but he could process the MF return so I could bring that one into the store, look at both and decide which I wanted.
    Waited in line outside the store (not too bad, less than 15 minutes but it's 101 outside today!) got in and they pulled the Gretsch from the back in some unmarked box. Yep, another store demo. I told the clerk that I hadn't bought an open-box and both websites don't warn that you're buying an open-box and I wasn't happy about it. He was a nice enough guy, I didn't raise my voice or anything, I was just really disappointed.
    I opened that one and saw that there wasn't enough padding and the end of the headstock was tight against the box end and had left a mark in the cardboard. That guitar might have gotten slammed at some point with a lot of pressure against the end of the headstock and neck. With some scratches and marks I didn't like that one either.
    The clerk looked in the computer and they don't seem to have any new ones left anywhere, that's why the price is $399.99 and they won't take any more off.
    I noticed they had one hanging there, way up on the top row. He pulled it down and I went over every centimeter, the plastic is still on the pickups and Bigsby and pickguard and I don't see a mark or scratch or flaw anywhere. Even though I'd like a new one at that price I'll just take this one.
    And they did process the MF return on the other one.

    I really like the guitar, the fit and finish are excellent, as good as my other Indonesian-made guitars and I like the color and it's fun to play around with the Bigsby (my first).
    So I'm happy. Finally have a guitar in my hands after wanting this model for months. I'll call Gretsch and get them to send me the plastic bag of stuff that should come with a new guitar.
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    Feb 17, 2020
    Ahh, the saga continues! I ordered that Les Paul on the 1st with the rep telling me it was likely there was one or two new-in-box out there. My order sat for a long time as the east coast stores were closed but then this past Monday I called to check and was told that there were only demo models left and one was packed and ready to be shipped to me on Tuesday. I was disappointed, thought about it all night and decided I'd just cancel the order. Called the next morning, the rep said she cancelled it and sent an email to the store to stop shipment.

    So a few hours ago I got an email that the Les Paul has shipped! WTH, GC has really been screwing around with me lately.
    Tracking says the guitar will be at the local store next Friday. I am excited! I was really on the fence with wanting the guitar but only a new one and maybe I shouldn't spend the money right now but I'm looking forward to having it in-hand and seeing what it looks like and feels and sounds like. If it is close to new with no obvious flaws and has the soft case and all the documentation and it speaks to me I think I will take it.
    We'll see and I will let you know.
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