SOLD 2012 G6134B Black Penguin (Australia but will ship)

TV the Wired Turtle

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Jul 25, 2009
Sandy Eggo
Hey Pete, Yeah no worries, again no hurry and am happy to work with you if you want too, just keep me posted.

Lol I struggle to get through everyday without daydreaming and being productive, lucky I still have a job.

I did think of you as well Tavo when I put this up lol, hope all is going well health wise with you and your family.
thanks mate

TV the Wired Turtle

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Jul 25, 2009
Sandy Eggo
Hey Guys,

Up for sale is my 2012 G6314B Black Penguin, comes with OHSC and all case candy.

The guitar is in what I would call excellent condition, there is the slight very faint swirl marks that come with black guitars (would most likely polish out) the gold has no wear marks but is showing signs of age, it still shines bright but it has been out on a stand and we all know how that works.

I bought this brand new from Street Sounds so I am the only owner, it would be lucky to have 5 hours playing time since that time (bad I know) so the fret life is basically as new.

Now this is a hard one to price because going off reverb these have sold this year for anywhere between $5500.00 AUD to $7000.00 AUD ($3500.00 USD to $4500.00 USD) but that's reverb, I am listing it here first in case anyone here has the dream to own one and I would love to make that happen for the great price of what my Falcon cost which was $3500.00 AUD, if no one here is interested then I will advertise it locally priced as per above.

So if your interested in it PM me and we will go from there, I am located in Brisbane but am will happily ship anywhere in Australia and overseas, my work has accounts with DHL and UPS and ship parts to the USA regally so am happy to do the same....... may also trade for a G6120 'Smoke' 😁.

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Pics were snapped quickly but will get better ones up as soon as I can.

Thanks, Stefan.
float it over on a surfboard to San Diego, its so beauteeeful


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Apr 9, 2014
Without even looking this is the second Penguin in two days I've seen for sale in Brisbane. This never happens! The other one is Koa.

This guitar may turn into a family heirloom. I think I need it in my life. Aaaaaarrrgggjhh.
Your (future) grandchildren are demanding that you buy this.


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Sep 22, 2012
8D5B41C8-5D1A-47E3-8682-4184FD77498B.jpeg The black penguin. Like the first love that broke your teenage heart, you never really get over it. I hope you dont miss it like i miss mine @Stefan87

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