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  1. drmilktruck

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    May 17, 2009
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    I saw this advert from 1969 in an article about the history of London's Denmark Street, the long time HQ of UK music publishers and guitar shops. All the guitars are used except as noted. It's interesting the second Gretsch guitar is called a "Double Corvette," with the helpful note, "S.G." Adjusted for inflation and current exchange rate, it's $2211, which is high for a 60s Corvette now. (average $1000-1200 for mint, depending on year)

    Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 2.19.14 PM.png

    It's similar to New York's Tin Pan Alley (West 28th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues) or Music Row (West 48th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues). Like those places, most of the original stores are gone.

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  2. BrianW

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    Oct 21, 2014
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    Interesting for sure, but I wonder how those prices would look in todays money. Still, would be bice to go back in time for a few days!
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  3. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck I Bleed Orange

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
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  4. BrianW

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    Oct 21, 2014
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    Thanks for the link - tho I'm not sure I really want to know :rolleyes: I am probably better off NOT finding out that guitar X is cheaper now than it was 50 years ago (I really shouldn't be adding to the collection! Even tho at first glance $2900 USD for a used "Chet Atkins" not considering any collector value does sound a little high compared to new. Of course, now a 50 yr old Chet has collector value on top of intrinsic value so still hard to compare)
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  5. Penguin

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    Nov 20, 2011
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    Thanks Jim,
    That reminds me that I bought my first Gretsch from Wunjo Guitars in Denmark St years ago.

    Story was I had bought a red strat from a store out in the 'burbs and I didn't like it, and it was pretty much unused, so I brought it in to Denmark St and swapped it (with cash adjustment) for a Gretsch Junior Jet. Going to Denmark St was pretty much a pilgrimage.

    Wunjo was a friendly store and the Gretsches were amazing - I have only seen a better range in the stores in New York.
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  6. stiv

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    Sep 12, 2014
    Firenze, Italy
    Well, I usually go to Denmark Street every time I’m in London since the first time I’ve been there in ‘96. Today things are quite not the same as they were then, but it’s still worth a ride to Soho.
    To be honest, I’ve never had the money to buy anything besides strings or similar items, as it’s always been almost impossible to find a bargain over there. Pounds conversion always killed us in the rest of Europe, and definitely London it’s not the place to go if you’re looking for music gear at affordable prices.
    Still Denmark Street is a milestone on music history, along with Wardour Street or Abbey Road.
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  7. Archtops

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    Mar 4, 2021
    Very cool. Thanks!
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  8. drmilktruck

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    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    This was prompted by this week's Guitar Nerds podcast where they talk about Denmark St, including some of its history.

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  9. thunder58

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    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
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    Really neat ad . Wish I could go back in time sometimes . I wonder what Paul's Hofner sold for back then .....with the jack plate and case of coarse :p
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  10. speedicut

    speedicut Friend of Fred

    Jun 5, 2012
    Kid of funny that the most expensive guitar was the Epiphone Sheraton
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  11. thunder58

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    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
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    I like the Rickenbacker 12 string " rare " @150
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  12. wildeman

    wildeman I Bleed Orange

    May 10, 2015
    Super fancy top of the line instrument, i get it. Whats weird is the Vette being 20 quid more than a Strat!
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  13. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck I Bleed Orange

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    I assume the Rickenbacker with three pickups and short scale is a 325.
  14. Synchro

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    At the time, the Pound was about 6:1 over the US dollar, so it was still a bit expensive.
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  15. afire

    afire Country Gent

    That was my first thought too, but for the reasons wildeman mentioned, it makes sense. It's trim level is equal to an ES355, so I guess it should be pricier than the ES-335 listed. And, at the time, Epiphones were not Gibson's "budget line," as has often been claimed over the years. The price of a Sheraton and ES-355 were very close, and in some (albeit few) cases, the Epiphones were more expensive than the comparable Gibson. Plus, Gibson seems to have given Epiphone a more robust sales presence in the UK than Gibson itself in the 1960s, so the perception of Epiphone being inferior might not have existed there at all.

    That would be the only candidate (including the Rose Morris 1996).

    It's also interesting that they describe a Rickenbacker 12-string as "rare". There was no shortage of Rickenbacker 12s in the 1960s. On the other hand, there were certainly some rare versions, particularly among those exported to the UK. It makes you wonder exactly what this guitar was...
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  16. loudnlousy

    loudnlousy Gretschified

    Oct 18, 2015
    The guitars that were unreachable for me when I was a kid are basically still unreachable for me in today`s money.
    I remember declining deals like 2000 Deusche Mark (which is approximately EUR 1000 in today`s currency) for 50ies Gibson Juniors in the early eighties. It was a huge amount of money then and compared to my income then and now the prices for guitars like that are still in the same relation. (There are a few excetions like vintage Les Pauls, ok, ok...)
    The really crazy bargains were not the guitars but old effects and vintage amps/speakerboxes that noone cared for back then.
    For example: When Marshall put out the first mastervolume-amps nobody wanted to own the old Plexis anymore. They were sold for a song. You could find them anywhere.
    Someone gave a late sixties Vox Wah and a Watkins Copycat to me for free. He simply wanted to clean up his closet. I could go on and on.
    These were the items that sold for crazy money 35 years later.
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  17. trefilboy

    trefilboy Electromatic

    Great seeing these "old" prices. I bought my first Fender Strat (a '62) in 1964 for 90 pounds, and around the same time another band member bought a 335 for around 120 pounds. I should add I needed the money and sold the strat around '68 for 75 pounds, only to shortly afterwards, buy a Burns Baby Bison for the same amount.
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