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  1. J

    Bridge pick-up is much quieter than neck

    I recently posted about not being able to mount my new Guitar Fetish GF’trons - thankfully I managed to find a replacement screw and do this! Now they’re fitted, I noticed that the bridge pick-up in much quieter than the neck. I can get them at similar volumes by rolling off some of the neck...
  2. EttoreMenguzzo

    Hello from Italy

    I just bought a 2215 P90. GREAT SOUND AND WEIGHT. P90 is killer and I find extremely interesting both on. Anyway there is a problem with volume knob/pot because it works like a switch. Just at the beginning it increases immediately the volume and stays the same then after. Any suggestion?
  3. Johntsr

    Keep Blacktops and change Pots/caps/wiring

    Hey everyone. I’ve been on a hunt for information about this and haven’t found much on it. I have a G5230t Electromatic Jet FT I can tell that the blacktops have a TON of potential and believe that the pots/caps/wiring are not carrying the weight they should to allow the pickups to really...
  4. willwills

    G5420T - Volume oddness

    I have a relatively new G5420T and it has a particular "thing" it does with volume. Please tolerate dumb questions because maybe this is the way all Gretsch's work but - The volume knob - both overall and by pickup - seems to graduate normally, UNTIL, I get to the last little bit before max...
  5. D

    Should it be doing this?

    Hey all, just picked up a Jet Double Cutaway (G5445T) - love the sound, love playing it BUT something might be wrong with the wiring? When I turn the volume all the way down on the neck pickup, and the volume is all the way up on the bridge, and toggle to the neck (I do this a lot on my other...
  6. D

    White Falcon

    Hi Guys.. Just looking for any advice or recommendations. I play a gretsch white falcon 6136t. I've had it fitted with Tv Jones pups, classic in the bridge, powertron in the neck, and I'm also using a compton compensated bridge. I'm really finding a significant difference in volume between full...