tru arc

  1. Papa Dafoe

    NBD x2 (Bridges not Basses)

    This weekend saw the Gretsch Brothers get kitted out with new Tru-Arc bridges. Look how happy they are!
  2. hooligangorilla

    The age-old bridge question, from a newbie

    I’ve read a bunch of threads here on the subject and I apologize in advance as this has been discussed to death. I’ve acquired a beautiful g6128t FT Players Edition for a song, and I’m in love with it - my first proper Gretsch and it’s better than I even imagined. It has a B7 and an anchored...
  3. Marv666

    New Bridge and Tonerite

    Hello everyone, i´ve been very busy recently but now i´m back :) In the meantime i got something cool.... i bought a used tru arc aluminium bridge and tonerite. If anyone has any advise on how to use the tonerite please let me know. I´m very curious for the results
  4. TV the Wired Turtle

    as you know I [email protected] gold hardware but brass, oh brass is gooo-ood

    all metal is good, I'm about to go into the heavy metal business this week literally. Molten like :) but this thread is about FINALLY getting a little custom work done for my beloved 99' SSU. Ive wanted raw brass (unplated) Tvjones pickups forEVER and finally got my setzer sig replacements for...
  5. Marv666

    Will this tru arc fit my 2013 5420?

    Hi everyone, A friend offered me to sell his tru arc Aluminium bridge to me but i don't know if it'll fit. It's Made so it fits the latest 5420s with pinned bridges but mine is one of the First 5420 which has the floating bridge. Overall i'm not happy with the tone and feel of my 5420 so i...
  6. birdawesome

    Love my Gretsch...time for Tru-Arc?

    Hey guys, newbie here... I recently bought a white Gretsch Electromatic G5655TG (love these names lol) and couldn't be happier. I was a bit hesitant going for this model considering the country of manufacture is China, however after doing some digging I felt assured that the quality control...
  7. section2

    Compton vs. Tru Arc

    I have a new guitar incoming, and I'm thinking of ordering a new Compton or Tru Arc bridge for it. I'm looking for help choosing between them. Any reason to choose one over the other? Does the Tru Arc SerpenTune offer noticeably better intonation than the regular Tru Arc or the Compton? Does the...
  8. Sid Nitzerglobin

    Consideration of scale length in relation to compensated bar bridges....

    So I'm thinking I'd like to order a couple of bar bridges for 25.5" scale guitars w/ fixed bridge posts (the Club King & Galaxie) in the near future and don't know that I've ever been able to pin down if that should require a different compensation for accurate intonation from the ~24.75" scale...

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