1. LeSainte

    Advice On Audio Interface

    First, I apologize. I don't rightfully know where this post belongs... So I'll just put it here. Background: I currently record with a NI Komplete Audio 2 with Reaper on Windows. I am by all means an amateur to recording (But not to technology). I love my current setup. What I want to...
  2. michelb

    Finger picking

    Hiya, I'm getting into the whole rockabilly style finger picking and I was wondering. Everything was going great with Mystery Train as first song and the speed came pretty quickly, but after about a week now my progress halted and I found it harder to pick the treble notes. Tried again after...
  3. Reedlvr

    NADT! (new amp day tomorrow)

    Hey folks, so I am going to pull the trigger on an AC15HW tomorrow & I have 2 choices; an AC15HW1 or a 1X. the 1 has the Celestion green back and the 1X has the Alnico blue. the 1x is about $200.00 higher & I don't know anything about either. Any suggestions? I play mostly clean finger picking...
  4. montereyjack66

    OTHER GUITAR - Bigsby - Wood question.

    Since I know a number of members also play teles I thought I'd take a shot. Several months ago I bought a loaded and painted Chinese Tele body (the pups sounded like a dried cow turd but it is otherwise fine). The wood is Palowinna which was new to me. VERY light, very bright, and lots more...