1. V

    7 YEARS WITH MY BABY! What Mods Should I Do? Protecting My Gretsch? Your Thoughts?

    Hello, I'm 23 & new to the group and this is my first thread. You guys all seem pretty knowledgeable about gretsch. I have a 5439t I bought brand new in 2015. It's heavy (which I like personally, I'm 6ft and a decent sized man, I like to feel the guitar when playing. I like my Gretsch like my...
  2. Davono

    Gretsch 2420t gunmetal review -18 months in

    Hi all. This is my first post and my first gretsch. Took me 18 months to decide how I felt about it. Review here we go: Looks: 4/5 (5/5 with new knobs) So.... out the box.... breathtaking. Never expected such an amazing finish on such a low price guitar. Only flaw is the plastic knobs, they are...
  3. E

    Hello Gretsch Family!!! - Enso Taves - Bachata Artist

    Hello Friends! I am very pleased to have found this community! and I intend to participate while discovering Gretsch guitars as part of the core of my Bachata guitar production. I have made a few reviews of these guitars and I have here a short playlist where I test the grear Gretsch tone into...
  4. Les PaltaX

    NGD !! (Soap opera is over... in an unexpected way)

    I'll divide this post in 3 parts, so everyone can choose what to read: 1.- Story 2.- Review 3.- Pics 1.- STORY (Or "How I survived the initial disappointment" - Enoughly* short version) 2.- REVIEW (Or "How that beauty sounds" - Short version, full review coming later) 3.- What all of you...

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