1. KreepyTeach

    Heavy Hollow bodies

    I usually play a fuzzed Gretsch in D standard, but today I tuned back to E thinking it's brighten up my sound. Maybe my playing just makes everything seem a little sludgier? I know Filtertrons sound best into clean amps, but I'm loving the sounds of fuzz, Rotovibe and overdriven amp...
  2. KreepyTeach

    Love My Volante for Stereo!

    I love the way the sound is when I listen back with headphones! I use two different amps into the Volante and keep it stereo out. I can never go back to mono! Volante in Stereo ( Resonate by Birds Skip) Also love My Beetronics Swarm with the Volante too! Listen to Resonate by Birds Skip on...
  3. LeSainte

    Advice On Audio Interface

    First, I apologize. I don't rightfully know where this post belongs... So I'll just put it here. Background: I currently record with a NI Komplete Audio 2 with Reaper on Windows. I am by all means an amateur to recording (But not to technology). I love my current setup. What I want to...
  4. The Box

    How To Record Your Electric Guitar At Home?!

    Hello there everybody. I hope you are having a nice time. One of the things that really annoys me is watching videos of incredible guitarists with bad sounds. they are playing amazingly still you can't hear what they are playing because they've tended to record with their mobile phones. So I...
  5. brownie


    Anyone out there know of any normalizing program that actually works? For sure, Audacity doesn't work, neither does the one on my Windows7 cd burner. It sure is difficult trying to standardise the volume on recorded tracks!
  6. Ricochet

    Lapel mic on archtop, Omni or Cardioid?

    I'm getting a lapel or lavalier mic for my Epiphone archtop. Right now reading up on which pattern to get but have read conflicting info. AKG and AT make a cardioid Lav specifically for acoustic. Than I read somewhere in a recording forum, I want Omni-directional cause cardioid gets too boomy...

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