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  1. J

    Pickup replacement for G5220 (mounting ring problems)

    I replaced my stock pickups in my G5220 for GF'Trons and a pre-wired harness, and I really don't like them. The pots are cheap and function more like switches, and half of the screws were missing upon arrival so it has been a major compromise to get the new pickups in. I've used them for a few...
  2. T

    For Sale Blacktop Broad'Tron Pickups for Sale (Reverb)

    I know these pickups have their fans. I love them personally, but I recently bought a guitar where the previous owner had them removed to put in Porter Portertrons. Therefore, I have this set unused for a very, IMO, reasonable price: $60...
  3. J

    Bridge pick-up is much quieter than neck

    I recently posted about not being able to mount my new Guitar Fetish GF’trons - thankfully I managed to find a replacement screw and do this! Now they’re fitted, I noticed that the bridge pick-up in much quieter than the neck. I can get them at similar volumes by rolling off some of the neck...
  4. J

    Pickup and toggle switch replacement on Gretsch G5220

    I have a G5220 with black top Broad'Trons and want to replace them with Filter'Tron HS's. Whilst I'm at it, I also need to swap out the toggle switch, which doesn't work in the bridge pickup position (I have tried contact cleaner). This will be my first mod involving solder, as previously I have...
  5. Greebo

    What Do I need to swapping Blacktop Braod'trons to Gretsch Filter'trons (G5220 Electromatic Jet)

    Hello Community, I don't have the slightest idea if this thread is right here but I'll give it a try. I have a G5220 Electromatic Jet with V-Stoptail and Blacktop Broad'trons. The guitar is supposed to get a tremolo (Duisenberg Les Trem II or Göldo LT1 or LT2) soon (and yes, I know only Bigsby...
  6. L

    Advice on pickup ugrade for 5120

    Hi all, I just signed up to get some advice from you about upgrading my 5120. I've had it for years and it's my favourite guitar to play. But I can't get it to sound like anything when I record it. Very muddy. I don't know all the options out there, or the terminology around pickup mountings...
  7. D

    Seymour Duncan jazz/JB in Electromatic baritone?

    Is it possible to put a set of SD hot rodded humbuckers (SH-4/SH-2n) into a G5260 baritone? They're standard size, black, uncovered humbuckers. The stock pickups are Gretsch mini humbuckers. They will fit in the hole, but the Gretsch pickups are mounted differently. Would I have to add pickup...
  8. D

    Pickup specs, please? BTBT & mini humbuckers

    I just got a G5260 baritone with Gretsch mini humbuckers and I love the clean tone. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Muse with Alnico Classic humbuckers and they're muddy and make the clean channel go overdrive at very low gain. I thought the problem was the amp when I only had the LP, but now that...
  9. felix277

    G2420T - Swap Pickups, Bridge, Poti- and Switch knobs Part 1

    Hi @ all, I want to show you my modifications on my G2420T GD. Maybe this will make it easier for someone who's planning something like this too. To be honest, I really like the sound of the Broad'Trons but I don't like how they look. My Bandmember has an '57 Duo Jet with Dynasonic Pickups and...
  10. J

    2003 Duo Jet Pickup Question Ceramic vs Alnico

    I am looking at a used early 2003 (march) duo jet. It has a lot of the features of the pre FMIC (large headstock, horseshoe, G closedback tuners, three piece neck) but is on the lighter side. I can't tell if these are the ceramic or alnico pickups, looking at the profile. IMG_20210920_210743...
  11. S

    g2655 buying advice

    Hi everybody! New here and looking for advice. So for about 15 years now I've played an Epi LP Special II. Looking to upgrade and I'm fairly certain about a g2655 (dead set against a Bigsby and I can't handle a non-JR size!). I'm torn on Broad'tron vs P90 model though. I find my LP too muddy on...
  12. D

    T-Armonds vs. Dynasonics

    what sounds better under gain? what sounds closer to a strat? what sounds closer to a P90? what sounds closer to a tele?
  13. jackfossett

    5420 Pickup Upgrade

    Hey folks! Shot a video review of my 5420 after upgrading the pups to a set of Rughteous Sound Pickups filtertrons - Thanks in there to the forum for pointing me in the right direction on the adapter brackets to get them installed. Hope you all enjoy! Jack
  14. T

    Firebird pickups in Gretsch?

    Hello! I’m looking at experimenting with some pickup combos. So my main guitar is an upgraded 2655t Jr. Streamliner, for that typical Gretsch Filtertron sound and it’s great. I also have a Gretsch G5655T-CB double cut jet, not the newer thin single cut they have now under the same name. I...
  15. T

    G5622t pickup suggestions

    Hello everyone, So I have a Korean G5622t that I absolutely adore in every way besides the stock pickups. It's my favorite guitar to play, but the pickups are far too low output for my personal taste. I've read about how TV Jones are the way to go, but I'm open to alternative suggestions, even...
  16. M

    G5230T - pickup advice request - (modding? changing?)

    Hi , newbie here, a couple of months ago I bought my first Gretsch , a 5230 with BT pickups. I have to say the guitar plays very well unplugged, good resonance, good fretboard, nice action. It's when I plug it that I'm not really OK. I own 6 Fenders so, Iknow, my ears could be A BIT biased...
  17. mrbrownstone_15

    Gretsch Streamliner Pickup Upgrades

    Hey all! This is my first post as I just joined ten minutes ago. I have a 2019 Gretsch Streamliner in the phantom metallic finish. From my understanding, the Broad’Tron pickups that come stock in it are bigger than a traditional Filter’Tron pickup, so you would need an adapter ring to swap over...
  18. Gibbsy

    blacktop broad'trons v blacktop filter'trons

    Bought a G5420tg-59 last year and pleased with the sound of the (slightly underpowered) blacktop filter'trons. I liked the sound, but being a long time telecaster player, I can't get used to such a big body, so ordered a G5220 which has the similar looking, but slightly wider blacktop...
  19. S

    Glad to be here..

    Hello. First day here. Found my way here as I just purchased my first Gretsch (90s Sparkle jet) and I really like it. So much so that I'm looking at getting another Gretsch soon, if possible. I have a lot to learn and look forward to learning from what I imagine is a vast number of well...
  20. T

    Mods for G2655T [UK Based]

    Hi all, I'm new here, and glad to be surrounded by not only Gretsch enthusiasts, but streamliner enthusiasts! So I've had mine for 2-3 years, the black one with Bigsby. Absolutely LOVE it. The size, weight, look, feel - it's perfect. I also love the sound - I'm a big pedal junkie and it plays...
  21. L

    Filtertron+ P90?

    Hi, From what I've seen, the Humbucker/P90 combination gets a lot of love. Has anyone tried the combination filtertron bridge / P90 neck? It's for my G5422 Thanks!
  22. M

    Pickup cover search begins

    Hi! I'm new here... So that's cool I have a 94 duo jet and its pretty banged up and not in the best shape. Getting a regret soon and hopefully a few chips sorted in the back. The dynasonic pickups are great but the covers arent looking great and would like to change them. I can't seem to find...
  23. gildnerk

    Modding newbie: Streamliner pickup question(s)

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, to "modding" and indeed (comparatively) to Gretsch in general. Have been playing for over 20 years, but have never had the interest or awareness to delve into the electronics of my guitars. That said, I picked up a G2655 last September (my first Gretsch!!) with...
  24. dustin_writes

    Electro G5230T Pickups

    I love my G5230. It was my main guitar for several years. I've replaced the tuners one time and outside of that she's stock. The rub: every guitar I own has hotter pickups than the G5230t these are not Filtertrons maybe mini-humbuckers What can I replace these pickups with and still remain...
  25. j.s.c

    Humbucker magnet polarity ? Education needed !

    Hey people, I have participated to the Hilo wiring thread few weeks ago, where we talk about 2 single coils and I think I got the different combinaisons of two single coil pickups, but I just did understand how it works with 2 humbuckers, in particular filtertrons. I tested the north polarity...