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  1. T

    For Sale Kauer Starliner Deluxe - Killer P90 Tone! - PRICE DROP!

    Reluctantly selling my Kauer Starliner Deluxe. Incredible guitar that easily lives up to all the hype and takes the "Slab w/ P90s" to a whole new level. Playability is set with 10s and the neck profile and finish are extremely comfortable - Kind of a Goldilocks thickness, and the satin finish...
  2. T

    SOLD UPGRADED Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50’s - Sweetwater Limited Lemon Burst w/ Case - $660 shipped!

    Selling a Limited Edition Epiphone Les Paul Standard with some serious upgrades... This was a Limited Edition for Sweetwater in a beautiful Lemon Burst finish. Seems like Sweetwater can't keep these in stock, and for good reason. It looks phenomenal in person (pics definitely are not doing it...
  3. KaHOnas

    I'm thinking about adding another one to the stable

    I don't mind redundancy but I like to get things I don't already have. This one would cover three bases: active pickups, Floyd Rose, and a Les Paul. So, I'm curious what the heck it is. Maybe someone on here can help me identify this one. The build card has a bunch of information that I, not...
  4. LeSainte

    GFS Nashville "Filter'tron Style" PUPs?

    Okay, okay... I know I may be asking the wrong crowd about these budget GFS pickups. My Father had me replace the crappy P90s in his Epiphone Les Paul Special with some overwound GFS soapbar sized humbuckers with the proprietary Kwikplug™ thing. No complaints, huge improvement over the...
  5. michelb


    I found my brothers old SC-style guitar on the attic at my parents house. I really like the body shape, cause it's closer to an LP then the kits or other budget guitars, especially the horn. Was thinking of pulling the electronics out and giving her a set of Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pups and...
  6. jackfossett

    Are Les Pauls Overrated?

    Hey folks So based on there being a TON of hatred towards Gibsons on the internet these days, I did a feature video on the history of the Les Paul and whether or not they're just overrated (I don't think they are, but there's alot to the story). Feel free to watch and join the discussion! I...
  7. Samwham

    Warmoth or JET

    Been gassing for a real deal duo jet ever since I was introduced to the non fender "solid body" world a couple months ago when I played an epi les Paul traditional and got myself one for 300 used (thing rips). After that I knew I needed a real deal Gibby, to add a badass humbucking guitar to my...
  8. j.s.c

    Neil's OldBlacky LesPaul

    Hey, just to share a rare strange picture of this black LesPaul which was gold. As it has been described as a 1953 Goldtop with some severe modifications... But before that I never seen her with a bridge DYNASONIC ! Check this out :