1. B

    Would a Bigsby b5 fit in a g5103

    looking to buy a g5103, but the lack of bigsby kinda bums me. Kinda hard to find gear in my country, so a proper corvette is not an option. I have my doubts due to the space taken by the 3rd pickup. Thoughts?
  2. P

    Modding Electromatic

    hi This was a labour of love! i modded with TV Jones classics, aged the hardware, added spurzels, lightly relicd, removed all the laquer, airbrushed the binding, and dic eknobs, added some nickel knobs Sounds , feels, and plays awsome!!! Before...
  3. R

    Electromatic Jet I

    Hi there everyone! Just wanted to ask a question as I am having no luck with Google, and from looking at other answers on here, everyone seems super super helpful! :) Anyway, I'm not a great guitarist, but, there is a Gretsch Eletromatic Jet I, 2008 model, with a single Mini humbucker at the...
  4. Papa Dafoe

    SOLD Bling Your Streamliner - Electromatic Chrome Fixin’s

    Knobs, end pins, and switch tips. Enough for any model. See my Reverb ad. You can purchase from Reverb, or save $5 and buy from me directly for $40 including shipping to USA or Canada...
  5. Dunlop27

    NGD - CME/Andertons Double Jet

    It came down to a coin toss between the Daphne blue and shell pink, I’m glad the shell pink won (getting major Presley Cadillac vibes) Only my second gretsch but already just blown away by the quality of it for the price point, the bigsby etc will come soon ;-)
  6. Dunlop27

    Armrest on a G5420TG and G5232

    Evening all, Looking for whereabouts I can buy an armrest for both my hollowbody and my (soon, haven’t quite decided what finish to go for yet) double jet! UK ideally!
  7. V

    7 YEARS WITH MY BABY! What Mods Should I Do? Protecting My Gretsch? Your Thoughts?

    Hello, I'm 23 & new to the group and this is my first thread. You guys all seem pretty knowledgeable about gretsch. I have a 5439t I bought brand new in 2015. It's heavy (which I like personally, I'm 6ft and a decent sized man, I like to feel the guitar when playing. I like my Gretsch like my...
  8. F

    Does G5420TG Flame Top & Flame Headstock Exist?

    Hello Knowledgeable Gretsch People! Subject: 2018 Gretsch G5420TG Electromatic LTD ED Flame Maple Top. I am looking at a 5420TG that is being sold on a well known and reliable online used guitar site. It seems to be a good deal if legit, but I have some doubts. 1: I can not find a picture...
  9. MicrowaveMan

    Just another Electromatic Upgrades Thread

    Hi All, Newbie to the forum. I own a G5220, had it all properly set up by my local tech and it plays like a dream so now I'm willing to throw some cash at it. I've read in some of the threads here that it's worth just upgrading the harness before possibly upgrading the pickups. I've looked on...
  10. D

    Seymour Duncan jazz/JB in Electromatic baritone?

    Is it possible to put a set of SD hot rodded humbuckers (SH-4/SH-2n) into a G5260 baritone? They're standard size, black, uncovered humbuckers. The stock pickups are Gretsch mini humbuckers. They will fit in the hole, but the Gretsch pickups are mounted differently. Would I have to add pickup...
  11. BigRedCaboose

    New member here curious about delving into Gretsch territory…

    Howdy all! First time posting here, I felt that this would be the perfect place to get a better grasp on what goes on with Gretsch electrics. I own a Boxcar resonator which I deeply love, and I’ve always been interested in big body Gretsch hollow bodies. Unfortunately I’ve never had a good...
  12. gusmileto

    TruArc Vs Tune-O-Matic Bridge Video Shootout

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster... For a long while I scoured the internet and forums in search of a way to improve the tone and sustainability of my Electromatic. It mostly seemed to point to the less-than-great stock bridge, so investigated alternatives and landed with the...
  13. JeffreyLeePierre

    NGC soon to come

    Ho ho ho, Santa Claus is gonna make me a New Guitar Christmas this year :) I finally did it and bought the hollow body Gretsch I've been desperately longing for for so long... I'd been procrastinating for too long about G512x VS brand new G5420T VS G2420T and circumstances finally helped me...
  14. D

    Pickup specs, please? BTBT & mini humbuckers

    I just got a G5260 baritone with Gretsch mini humbuckers and I love the clean tone. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Muse with Alnico Classic humbuckers and they're muddy and make the clean channel go overdrive at very low gain. I thought the problem was the amp when I only had the LP, but now that...
  15. B

    G5425 Jet Club size

    Hello everyone, Greetings from the UK. My first post here. I'm looking forward to getting my first Gretsch guitar soon, an Electromatic G5425 Jet Club. Can somebody who owns one of these confirm the following details regarding the dimensions of this guitar? Either in inches or cm, I don't...
  16. E

    How to upgrade your 5120 and obtain buzzing issues

    Hello there, this is my first post and I already want to thank this forum for being such a incredible source for information about all different Gretsch topics! I own a g5120 for quite a while now. As a result of my loose Jack input finally, my grounding wire came off and I had a reason to...
  17. F

    Cleaning the pots on a G5220 Electromatic Jet

    Recently, my G5220 has been having issues where the pickup selector is scratchy when I change selections and the tone and all (master and pickup) volume controls go in and out sometimes losing sound altogether. It's been suggested that I clean the pots with Deoxit but I'm a bit of a newbie and...
  18. prostix

    My First Gretsch, Good Choice?

    Hi everyone, I'm really interested in buying a used or new Gretsch Electromatic for my first guitar. But I'm not finding any used ones to buy so i found this. It's a New Gretsch G5420TG Limited Edition Electronatic. 50's Hollow Body, Single Cut with Bigsby, Orange Stain. The price is $999...
  19. T

    Any Information About This Junior Jet I?

    Hey, new member here. I have an opportunity to buy this guitar for 190 USD but I can't find any information about it. Anyone have experience with this guitar? Is it a decent guitar as is or I need to do some mods to make it a good guitar? Thank you.
  20. T

    Have an opportunity to buy a Gretsch but...

    Hi, my name is Tyo and I'm from Indonesia. I'm a bass player but playing guitar more recently. I'm looking for cheap but good electric guitar for me. So, I have an opportunity to buy Gretsch Electromatic Jet Single pickup exactly looks like this picture for about USD 190. Problem is, I can't...
  21. Abeno Matto

    Brand X Goodsall On Electromatic

    This is a few years old but I can't believe John Goodsall is rocking this Electromatic in the fusion world. I think he was playing a strat when I saw them in 1978.
  22. bugo

    My new Gretsch Electromatic Jet Club G5426

    My new Gretsch. It is an Electromatic Jet Club, model G5426 in metallic silver. It's a lovely guitar. The fit and finish are excellent, and the details such as the binding between the silver top and the walnut stained sides are impeccable. The (ceramic?) pickups sound great through harsh...
  23. ZanesDaddy73

    B50 In Black???

    I can find the B500 in black but my Gretsch takes the B50. Has anyone ever found one in black? Thanks!
  24. J

    Can you split the coils in a G-5222?

    I purchased an electromatic recently and I was wandering if the pickups could be split/taped?
  25. patrickelmer

    Gretsch G5438 Electromatic Pro Jet Specs

    Hi there, I’ve a Gretsch G5438 Electromatic Pro Jet Guitar and I want to change de original tuners for Schaller Original G-Series Keystone ones. But I don’t find anywhere the specs of the G5438 Guitar. Anyone Can You Help me? And give me the gear ratio, peghead holes. Gretsch G5438...