1. LeSainte

    Advice On Audio Interface

    First, I apologize. I don't rightfully know where this post belongs... So I'll just put it here. Background: I currently record with a NI Komplete Audio 2 with Reaper on Windows. I am by all means an amateur to recording (But not to technology). I love my current setup. What I want to...
  2. J

    Henning Pauly from Germany having a jam on the Tone Of The Gods Pedal

    Hey check out hennings play through of the Tone Of The Gods Pedal. Awaken your amp using top of the line tone circuits. Henning Pauly Demo: Also thye other demos if you missed them. Mike Herman Demo: In The Blues Demo: Pete Thorn Demo: Brett Kingman Demo: Leon Todd Demo...
  3. birdawesome

    Fantastic Budget Amp/Effects Setup

    Just figured I'd post what I've personally found to be an unbelievable setup for the money I spent. The amp: Vox Pathfinder 10 -- ~$50-80 LED Mod (removed two LEDs in the path of the overdrive, which act as a clipper/limiter. Provides MUCH more headroom, with clean and hearty signal in the...
  4. KreepyTeach

    NPD Massive FX Golden Order of the Alchemist Fuzz

    Hey guys picked up some new things and wanted to share a new purchase. Was in Guitar Center on the last day of school (a high holiday for teachers) when I saw her. Been a little over two weeks and she was still there. It's labeled as an interpretation of a Burns Buzz around. It's a very...

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