1. Papa Dafoe

    Yay or Nay

    I purchased a nice Allparts Bigsby bridge from my local guitar set. My intention was to used the Bigsby saddle on the original posts, but unfortunately the pin centres were off. However, I was able to use the whole assembly by floating it on the original bridge anchors. The only way to get the...
  2. hooligangorilla

    The age-old bridge question, from a newbie

    I’ve read a bunch of threads here on the subject and I apologize in advance as this has been discussed to death. I’ve acquired a beautiful g6128t FT Players Edition for a song, and I’m in love with it - my first proper Gretsch and it’s better than I even imagined. It has a B7 and an anchored...
  3. D

    G2622T-P90 replacement bridge

    Hi all, I've just got hold of my new G2622T-P90 and am loving it, the only thing I don't get on with is the bridge! It seems to buzz a little and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a suitable replacement. From what I've quickly measured, it's 73mm post spacing?! and...
  4. gusmileto

    TruArc Vs Tune-O-Matic Bridge Video Shootout

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster... For a long while I scoured the internet and forums in search of a way to improve the tone and sustainability of my Electromatic. It mostly seemed to point to the less-than-great stock bridge, so investigated alternatives and landed with the...
  5. D

    Bigsby B16 Q!

    Hi Gretcshies, I am putting together a Dakota Red/rosewood fat necked tele w. a B16. Its gonna be a fun one with a split Don Mare Stangray in the bridge and a Wilde Pickups L90 in the neck position - most of the parts are in the mail! However, I am scouring the internet for a bridge...
  6. J

    Help, my low E string won’t stay in its saddle. What can I do?

    I have a Gretsch Double Jet (G5445T) with the tune-o-matic bridge; I bought it second hand with the seller’s word that it had already been set up but the specifics on how is not known to me (the intonation is spot on, so assume it safe to take him at his word). I recently changed the strings...
  7. bhatta

    Acoustic guitar bridge and bridge pins issue

    Hi All, I'm really impressed with the knowledge of the people on this forum and their forwardness to help! I believe, I am posting this in correct section, if not, please assist on this! I have a cheap acoustic to take care of my needs, it's a Fender CD 60s, solid mahogany top, all mahogany...
  8. Jareth

    Pro Jet Bridge Upgrade

    Hey y’all, I am looking for suggestions for upgrading the tunomatic bridge on my Gretsch. I am looking at the graphtech resomax. Anyone dropped it on their Greatch, any feedback? I came to thinking of upgrade after rattling noise on my G string on the tunomatic. I change the strings...
  9. michelb


    My Compton Bridge for my G5420T finally arrived today :D After installing it I haven't really been able to play it much, I'll get to it tonight. But restrung her and the intonation is spot on :eek: :D I thought it might not be spot on due to the fact that I can't move the bridge to hone it in...
  10. A

    1963 Gretsch 6186 Clipper Bridge & Pickup Question

    Hi all, long time listener first time caller: I recently acquired a 6186 in terrific original condition and it plays great as-is but (there's always a but...) I am curious what upgrades are possible without altering the guitar in a way that would prevent returning to it's original state. I...
  11. T

    bridge replacement on Gretsch G6119T Tennessee

    Im about to buy a: Gretsch G6119T Players Edition Tennessee Rose Im just a little concerned about the rocking bridge. If im not happy with the intonation (im picky about that...) would it be possible to replace the bridge with a Gretsch Nickel-Ebony Adjusto-Matic II Bridge? (like the one on...
  12. S

    Gretsch Masterbuilt Roundup Synchro-Sonic bridge leans?

    Hello. I'm looking at purchasing a 2014 Masterbuilt Roundup soon. I played it today and noticed the intonation was off on the Syncrosonic bridge. Intonation is typically no issue to fix myself. But, I noticed the bridge was lean back, towards the bridge pickup but the base of the bridge...
  13. michelb

    Been puttin this off for too long

    Hiya and greetings from Belgium, Been coming to this forum ever since my previous guitar player got a 2016 G5420T and I was considering to do the same. Meanwhile bought myself a G5420T in Gretsch Orange of course :p and got in awe with the Nocturne brain pedals. So been coming to this forum to...
  14. 850special

    Streamliner G2622T Bridge Recommendations

    I'd like to replace my stock TOM bridge on my 2622T. From what I've seen here, I have three options: 1) Tru-Arc/Compton, 2) Roller, or 3) Better quality TOM style. The stock TOM is a bit jangly, and I get considerably popping from it when using my Bigsby. I have a bone nut, cut correctly, and...
  15. ACL-Gretsch

    New Bridge for my G6228 Players Edition!

    I have been looking at the G6228 series ever since Tony (TSims1) wrote a great comparison review on his guitar about a year ago. ( I finally pulled the trigger a month ago and I'm so glad I did. I still loved my...
  16. RussMi

    Roller saddles and fugitive strings

    Hi All, I am a brand new 6120 owner and new to the forum. I promise I searched for my issue before I posted. I have a 92 6120 with a Bigsby (no tension bar). The high E and B strings pop free from the saddles with anything but the most delicate plucks. Even doing pull-offs at the nut can pot...
  17. U

    G5439T buzz from bridge or fret

    Greetings everyone, Ive been wrestling with a buzzing problem with my G5439T. I’m trying to isolate the problem, I’m thinking it’s the bridge, it the factory original. The buzzing starts happening when I start playing around the 11th fret, and seems to be happening on the E A D strings. My...
  18. section2

    Compton vs. Tru Arc

    I have a new guitar incoming, and I'm thinking of ordering a new Compton or Tru Arc bridge for it. I'm looking for help choosing between them. Any reason to choose one over the other? Does the Tru Arc SerpenTune offer noticeably better intonation than the regular Tru Arc or the Compton? Does the...
  19. gallaghern9

    Gretsch Streamliner g2622t Upgrade reccomendations

    Hi All I've had my gretsch streamliner g2622t for a little over a year now and i absolutely love it I'm starting to get into more gigging and would like to make some upgrades to make it a little more tuning-stable friendly i had it set up by a luthier who recommended upgrading the bridge...
  20. ruggero78

    Gotoh tune o matic option

    I would be interested in a tun o matic changein my 5426. I has 12" radius. I'm having some bridge buzz on the stock one and the intoniation saddle of the 5th and 6th string has not enough run space. Is the Gotoh GE103B a good solution? I don't want to make troubles...I want a bridge that fits...
  21. karol

    Gretsch 5422T doesn't stay in tune

    Hey guys, I'm new here and just recently bought a second hand mint condition black Gretsch 5422T. I love its look and sound, and still turbo excited! Recently I fixed the intonation. But the guitar goes out of tune whenever I play (hit/strum) harder. Nothing like this happens when I play...
  22. M

    Compton Bridge buzzz

    Hi All, I have an 07 Electromatic and had a Compton Bridge installed, which I love. The person who set the bridge up used the factory original base. It worked great for about 6 months, and then a buzzing sound started. I initially thought it was fret buzz, but when putting my ear in the right...
  23. L

    Manufacturing Issue?

    I ordered on GuitarCenter a G5420T, it arrived perfectly and was brought to me to Ecuador, but when i opened the box it seems the bridge is crooked or not properly in place, it is a secured bridge so i dont know what to do, can somebody help me?
  24. Tommy Wendover

    Tru Arc or Compton bridge!?

    Ok guys I'm new to the forum so the question as probably been asked a couple of time but I'm looking for an upgrade for my 6120 and 6128T-TVP. Difference between both brand, what material is your favorite, chambered or not... Let me know!!
  25. section2

    Bridge buzzing

    I've just installed a one-piece Bigsby rocker bridge on my G5620, and I'm getting a fair amount of buzzing at the bridge. I'm using the tension roller on the B70, so the break angle is at least as sharp as it needs to be. The saddle is notched very lightly. While the strings aren't slipping out...

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