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    G2420T strings?

    What strings did this guitar ship with? I just dropped mine off for a setup, and included a set of D'addorio EXL110's (10's) for the guitar tech to install, thinking that's what they needed, but now I'm not sure. I don't think he did the job yet, so there's still some time to get more...
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    BT-2S pickups -- where to get them?

    My 2420T Streamliner has the original Broad'Tron pickups, but I'd like to swap them out for the later issue BT-2S. Where are these available?
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    2420T (2016 vs 2019 editions)

    Hi, all. First time poster. I just purchased a new 2420T yesterday from a local Guitar Center. On sale for $350 + tax. I was looking for a jazz box, so it seemed like a good deal. Brought it back today for a setup, because there's annoying buzz around the bridge area of unknown origin. The...