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  1. radd

    Whatcha learning or working on?

    How cool I saw him with his son Earl in 1971. I have been hooked ever since. I play a few of the songs that I watched him perform back then, including Blue Railroad Train. It is so much fun to see a young kid like Billy Strings honor Doc and pay so much respect to him.
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    Rock Crushes

  3. radd

    Entry Level Martin Guitars?

    I lusted after Guild since the 70’s. My one an only Guild, a new Oxnard built Guild D40. It had a number of finish issues I had to fix and a truss rod that was so shallow at the headstock the factory cut about a third off the lower truss rod cover screw so it would not hit the truss rod nut...
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    "If something is hard to do, it's just not worth doing" Homer Simpson

    It is for sure not any of the younger generations that has us edging even closer to nuclear obliteration.
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    Entry Level Martin Guitars?

    China makes pretty good stuff at times.
  6. radd

    You will never catch me doing this…Ever!

    They jumped off a boat…….
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    You will never catch me doing this…Ever!

    Motorcycles, sailing, windsurfing, drag racing and a few other of my hobbies don’t phase me, ……..I don’t do heights…😦
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    You will never catch me doing this…Ever!

    Radwife and I have the house to ourselves, our daughter, husband and two grandkids are in Hawaii This is a pic they just sent us, that’s daughter and granddaughter up there….:eek:
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    Blue Tease

    Crazy, my last guitar delivered by Fedex shipped from about 250 miles away and arrived at my door in less that 24 hrs after I completed the purchase online! :eek:
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    floating bridge

    If you are referring to the bridge moving, my “Tennessean”, a floating bridge Tennessee Rose has no problem with string bending. I just used rosin on the base to keep it in place. Is there some other issue?
  11. radd

    Entry Level Martin Guitars?

    I don’t doubt that guitars such a Collings are a cut above Martins. I was going to say that Collings guitars are out of my budget, but truth be told that budget limit is a self imposed one, not based on my finances. I feel that my Martin D18 exceeds my skills all ready.
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    Whatcha learning or working on?

    I’m working on two fiddle tunes played on guitar “Jerusalem Ridge”, I have all the sections down solid and I’m working on building speed now. Just learning “Nothing to it“, another converted fiddle tune, Doc Watson. No , I’ll never get to Doc’s speed….. or Tony’s
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    Entry Level Martin Guitars?

    Eastmans are beautifully made instruments, I’ve owned 4 or 5, one somewhat higher end Dreadnought. the dread played great and was a cannon but the tone did not compare favorably to the Guild D40 or J45 I had or the D18 I have now that beat them all……to my ears.
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    So who saw the “Elvis” movie today?

    Blasphemy I know…I was never an Elvis fan back then…. Being a SoCal teen it was Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys for me.
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    The new neck for my Strat “build” arrived

    The Grsph Tech string tree? The neck did not come with a string tree and that was what I had in my parts bin. So, sorry, no reply opinion on that.
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    The new neck for my Strat “build” arrived

    the Warmoth EC neck is more than a soft V, not like the Fender EC V or even my 6120-59 was. Ya the 59’ my favorite also. How do you apply the Tru-Oil? . I now wipe it on, rub it in an wipe it off. Very very thin costs. You can do a number of coats in a day that way and it is almost dry to...
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    Graduation... two years late!

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    The new neck for my Strat “build” arrived

    I using the term “build” loosely considering all I did was find a stunning new American loaded Strat body and ordered a neck. The neck is a Warmoth neck I ordered to my normal specs with one exception, I went with a Clapton soft V profile rather than the round back 59’ profile I have ordered...
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    GDP Refuge, too!

    Well now, somebody sure knows how to make an entrance Welcome
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    Finally, I picked up a Gretsch...

    Beautiful guitar, welcome
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    Amazon or not!

    I generally check Amazon prices against other stores and the actual item vendor. Many times Amazon wins due to free shipping.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Other guitars get lots of love here, post some pics of your Gibsons and Fenders
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    What are the signs of too little or too much humidity?

    As mentioned, check your humidity. Hydrometers are fairly inexpensive. If you have humidity out of the 40-60% range solutions are inexpensive. If you don’t have guitar cases, large trash bags work with the inexpensive humidifier units inside. After your guitars are at a stable humidity you...
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    Goals: Rabbit Hole Spinoff

    Noodling…Great fun. I love to sit on my deck with a guitar and amp and a glass of red wine in the evening as the sun is dropping behind the very tall trees at the edge of the open space and just noodle. I’ll just let my fingers goof around on the fingerboard. Often times the 19 yr old male...
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    So, what has your Tele told you lately?

    I don’t think there is a more beautiful tone than a Martin Dreadnought, especially a Mahogany back and sided D-18…